12 Reasons NOT to Move to Japan 

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Moving to Japan to live and work is a life changing event. But is it worth it? From tiny apartments and outdated thinking, to complicated dating and being an outsider, these are stories and experiences of the difficulties you might face along the way.

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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Måned siden
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Get ready for "Brett Maverick" - the name you wish you had. 🍿🍿🍿Keep an eye out for Journey Across Japan: The Lost Islands which starts later this week! nosections.info/green/tHp-bahjjX2jrpU/video.html AS FOR THIS VIDEO, I've made over 200 videos in Japan over the years that've been rather positive about the country and I'd like to think my love for this country, the people and the culture are beyond question. But of course, the country isn't perfect (nowhere is). I've always held off of this video as I know it'll open a pandoras box of people telling me to "go home", but I think all of the criticism I've levelled at Japan in this video is pretty fair. Time will tell! But keep an eye out for angry racist comments. Hopefully we can bundle them into a future hate mail video...
Mr Random
Mr Random 10 timer siden
Burger Croissant
Burger Croissant 9 dager siden
That Lion at 0:51 is the proof Justin Bieber is famous worldwide !
Ken 12 dager siden
pleaseb make videoes with daniel from @hiding in my room
HAUNEBU 2 14 dager siden
How come the world doesn’t see Japan as racist. In America all you have to be is white and you’re automatically racist,Without having to do anything racist. I’m sure the Japanese aren’t shaming each other and calling each other racist!
Lawrenz 17 dager siden
simonisable 28 minutter siden
I worked there for a year - 6 days a week, no holidays. Ruined by the end of it. But I still love Japan.
Donald umunawa
Donald umunawa 2 timer siden
informative, however, when you say stuff like, hopefully Japan changes their ways (in terms of work hours), you sound like an annoying gaijin.
Amour Mtungo
Amour Mtungo 4 timer siden
Thank you for the knowledge 🤛
Alayy_._ campbell
Alayy_._ campbell 6 timer siden
(TW) other reasons and tips is that being a woman it isn't only tough in the job industry its also its very uncomfortable especially if you fit into they're beauty standards, you might get groped on a train, now usually they do this when the train is packed so when they do it and walk away you won't see who did it. My suggestion is to cross your arms over your chest till you are out or if you have bigger breast use your bag to cover your chest. moving into my second tip now if you see that the first floor is cheaper than the second floor and they won't tell you why? Its usually because they've had a record of stalkers so this can apply to men aswell but its obv more common for women so I suggest just taking the second floor so that they can't try n get in your windows or taking your hanging panties even if its more expensive. Thats all I hope this helps :)
Nuch Zara
Nuch Zara 6 timer siden
This is a pen. OMG this is so non sense.
PeckaPrime 8 timer siden
Haha, nice Stewart Lee style delivery on that Game Of Thrones joke.
Weaponshell 9 timer siden
I keep returning to this video to try and dissuade myself from trying to live in Japan, but it's not working thus far...
Purple 11 timer siden
I live in Australia and have the same sound proofing issues, the neighbours decided to just have a mechanic shop next door, and they only work through the night, revving their cars which are parked next to my window.... gases me out, lights up the room and is very loud. First few months it was every month, but now its only a couple nights a week... These people apparently never sleep, and idk what theyre doing to that poor car.... its been a year and still working on the same car.... hmm
Mex 22 timer siden
No matter where I lived... If some neighbor had an obsessive-compulsive disorder in repetitively closing doors I'd cure him - for sure....! 🤬🤬🤬
Wild West
Wild West Dag siden
well he was right about the women remark. The truth can hurt but hiding it doesnt address issues
Wild West
Wild West Dag siden
Well that japan work ethic is also why they do so well and make progress against other lazier countries. Nothing comes fast or easy couldnt be more true.
Yukie From Oz
Yukie From Oz Dag siden
When will you pronounce "Ryotaro" properly? 😜
NEMusic Dag siden
Sounds pretty racist, tbf. England is bad enough with its racists, but they seem to be the vocal minority. Can't help but imagine the those same racists would absolutely love England to be 98% homogenised white, and for everyone to just naturally assume and expect foreigners to leave to the point where it's essentially codified in law AND you get a free pass on the world stage about it
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez Dag siden
Sounds like a very polite racist society…No thanks…
sahra isse
sahra isse Dag siden
i find their dating style comforting
sahra isse
sahra isse Dag siden
it happens here in the USA too women get paid 20% less men so gender inequality is common around the world
jcmps Dag siden
Hello Chris. A new subscriber here with the intent of visiting Japan in the very near future. Your content is thoughtful, candid and funny - the “6 surprising life lessons…” is specially noteworthy. Thank for sharing so much of this fascinating country I knew so little about. Maybe off topic here, but do vegetarians “suffer” while visiting Japan?
Ollie Y
Ollie Y Dag siden
Ahhh the drip king!!
Alberto Albertoni
Alberto Albertoni 2 dager siden
Funny and smart, good!!!!
Ruben Archer
Ruben Archer 2 dager siden
my favourite Japanese city!!
HtS643KyS6555GxQ3edA 2 dager siden
The door slamming reminded me of my college dorm neighbor.
Carlos A
Carlos A 2 dager siden
Been here in Japan since April '96 at the age of 20. Been here ever since. Thanks to the US Navy here in Sasebo Nagasaki Prefecture. Never thought about moving back to Texas😄✌️🗾
I’m Japanese. I’ve traveled all Japanese prefectures and then, I realized it might be a little bit tough and difficult for foreigners to live in Japan without the person who speak Japanese. Because almost all people living in Japan don’t speak English 😅
Wichysteria 2 dager siden
When I went to Japan I had my phone stolen at the train station (partly my fault as I did put it down on top of the pay phone) but when I went to report it at the station I was told "it must have been a foreigner that took it, there are a lot of foreigners who come through this station". I mean.. I don't necessarily think he was wrong, certainly I'd seen people just leave bikes on the street without chaining them up, which we would never do in Australia. But I think there is a negative image of foreigners in Japan.
Georgia Swann
Georgia Swann 2 dager siden
Japan seems great to visit because it is mono ethnic and retains it Japaneseness.
SlyHikari03 2 dager siden
At least it would be cool for vacations.
Gabriel Stansfield
Gabriel Stansfield 3 dager siden
Well that's the dream over and I only wanted the girlfriend 😔💔
Shara Tea
Shara Tea 3 dager siden
Years ago, I got shooed away once for speaking English from a cafe near a train station filled with smokers. The room was all smoke. But rest of trip was fabulous and honestly, it was best I never ate in that cafe anyway. I found a great bakery with a lunch room that was waaaay better. I was just lost lol
Brenda M_M
Brenda M_M 3 dager siden
He's hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂❤️ instant subie❤️🤣😂
Doffy 5000
Doffy 5000 3 dager siden
you lost weight
Vaibhav Kumar Pathak
Vaibhav Kumar Pathak 3 dager siden
So what ....Japan is paradise for introverts 🤣🤣🤣
NerfXProd 3 dager siden
Hahah PENN!!
Peter Downey
Peter Downey 3 dager siden
Japanese bosses also don't view sleeping on the job as necessarily unacceptable. To them, sleeping on the job shows that you've worked so hard that you can no longer stay awake.
Frater Kaos
Frater Kaos 3 dager siden
Hey dude user get about talking about if you want to Start relationship with the Japanese girl or Man That's the one thing I want to know because I heard that There's this thing with some Japanese Girls that they really want to go out and have sex with foreign guys like European and American is this true
noel t
noel t 3 dager siden
About your neighbor who opened/closed the door 20+ times, I had roughly the same experience when I was living in those old two stories apartment building. Although not as bad as yours, this person tend to open/close the door 5-10 times, each time causing the building to shake.
Wekilluminati 3 dager siden
This really made my laugh way harder than I should have.. But also very useful info, thanks for being super funny and informative
Anubhav Patil
Anubhav Patil 3 dager siden
Bring Mr snuggles back
Paul Eck
Paul Eck 3 dager siden
Hmmm...I'm Hafu, grew up in Japan, my brother was born there, and when I go back I Feel Like a Foreigner. Hahaha. Love your videos.
Ei suke
Ei suke 4 dager siden
Sad truth is that Japan as a society just doesn’t welcome foreigners and engage with them the same way we engage with our fellow Japanese. I am Japanese but grew up abroad and I don’t think I could ever live there. Chris touched up on this but he’s been waaay too polite. In reality it really really hurts to be discriminated against. If you don’t understand why racism/discrimination is such a big deal maybe it’s a great place to live and you will learn too.
Juan Sotelo
Juan Sotelo 4 dager siden
First world problems are so nice to deal with, take a look over here to Venezuela and have a taste of hell on earth.
Golo Golo
Golo Golo 4 dager siden
Indeed brother, he's from England and complaining about Japan, what an ungrateful idiot he's
Feeug 5 dager siden
Feeug 5 dager siden
JoshVee LiT
JoshVee LiT 5 dager siden
Just change the title to JAPAN/CHINA its all the same problems
Golo Golo
Golo Golo 4 dager siden
Japanese even though they're really advanced they're still not open to other cultures, people there are not open minded especially with foreigners and same issue with Chinese, however the issues there are way more simple than the issues in western Europe which suffer from bad version of multiculturalism
ASTRALSTEEZ 5 dager siden
Theres people with a psychological disorder where they would open a door the wrong way a specific number of times (depending on the person) and then proceed to open it the right way all while alreading knowing which way to push or pull the door
Arrow B
Arrow B 5 dager siden
Hahaha... for the housing issue, you really spot it on. My nest was even smaller about 6 tatami area back in a decade ago. And that's right for the audio transparency problem is another issue in tiny apartment. Guess what? I can hear the neighbor pervert came to his toilet to hear me piss and stalked me on the street. Thanks that time, I stalked him back with a club and hit the door back if he sneaked into his bathroom to hear me piss sound. Hahaha And now I still will look around to see if there was someone stalking me. Got another good habbit from past bad experience. Very useful.
PeggymoeXD 5 dager siden
Omg I had an endoscopy last year and they knocked me tf out 😂😂 not to mention I’m sure the images were digital and not being printed on paper (US btw)
OVAngryE 5 dager siden
19:09 Truth...I still feel so much anger over that final season...
Dimapelo Manual
Dimapelo Manual 5 dager siden
Thanks Chris, it's really mind-opening to hear all of this. Makes my personal goal of having this experience much more thoughtful and stronger actually
Asa Manyworlds
Asa Manyworlds 5 dager siden
Trust me I wont
stuckonaslide 5 dager siden
"moving across the entire planet is hard and japan isnt a utopia" weeaboos: "that sign cant stop me because i can't read!"
Golo Golo
Golo Golo 4 dager siden
Japan isn't utopia but it's a great country to live in , just the simple fact that it's one of the safest places on earth is enough to move there, in Asia there're other examples like South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE
Edgar Camargo
Edgar Camargo 5 dager siden
I love Japan culture, I HATE Japanese government and bureaucracy. (SInce Corona I havn't been able to see my wife and family because of the frontiers lockdown.)
NTN 4 dager siden
I'm Japanese and I hate Japanese government and bureaucracy, but what choice do I have? You are born into the country you are born into, and the family that you are born into. But too many people these days, think it's all about their right to choose 🙄🙄
Dev D
Dev D 6 dager siden
Yesss what Americaand did 💥💣💣people didn't forget it bro and I think that's the biggest reason they hate Specially Europian and American people 👍
ASMR Artists
ASMR Artists 6 dager siden
"they have difficulty finishing"... Well... He's not wrong...
ASMR Artists
ASMR Artists 6 dager siden
@Rays Through Trees, Summer Breeze why condemn? Simple... Western feminism lol thank you Olympics, nothing is sacred Vs feminism nowadays... Specifically 3rd wave feminism it's even infected Japan now... Case in point... Recent events
Rays Through Trees, Summer Breeze
I dont get it why condemn a man for being right lol Its not sexist to be right even if its insulting. Like its not racist to say certain race commits more crimes than any other per their numbers. Its just facts. If they hate it, fucking change.
ASMR Artists
ASMR Artists 6 dager siden
Speaking of annoying neighbour's, mine is outside my back window with a fucking lawnmower at 9pm
Isaac Chand
Isaac Chand 6 dager siden
I would like to know how difficult it is to get citizenship
Isaac Chand
Isaac Chand 4 dager siden
@Golo Golo well ive heard it was but i kinda wanted like an in depth look into the process
Golo Golo
Golo Golo 4 dager siden
Really difficult
King Silver
King Silver 6 dager siden
Im looking for motivation to learn Japanese...... I started at a 60 now I'm 50 % at most now
chepeman22810 6 dager siden
You know the bit where you said that it feels weird making friends in Japan, thats what its like to make friends in America as a latino
Rays Through Trees, Summer Breeze
Its hard for me to make friends in my country. My country is into football, beer, and most peoples smoke or drink or both. There is no etiquette at all, and cursing is often even in my profession (medical). Also the country is in top ten in female smokers. Me as a non smoker, fit, non drinker, fairly traditional man and polite, find it absolute hell to meet anyone, let alone date. So, basically, nothing to lose hahahaha
Tip Toe
Tip Toe 6 dager siden
I think if you are a white man you can live anywhere you want in this world and have a relatively wonderful experience living there.
Fernando Lessa
Fernando Lessa 6 dager siden
27:26 when you leaving? ahahhaha
Matt Field
Matt Field 6 dager siden
Having started learning Japanese one of the coolest parts of this video I thought was the shot of the microwave (sorry Chris)...I was like wait...that says "Toosuto" with a picture of toast...10 and the symbol for minutes...1 and the symbol for minutes....yes! After 6 solid months of tireless efforts on Duolingo I can understand 40% of the buttons on a Japanese microwave!
Faceofscare San
Faceofscare San 4 dager siden
@Matt Field Well im totaly believing that its not impossible, to learn Japanese as a hobby in an accurate way. But what I learned in University was, that some grammar and learnmethods are things, that you dont realise, if you dont have a teacher. As well as pronunciation. But if you take a good book (minna no nihongo should fit) and compare your pronunciation with vids or something like that, you can learn Japanese, even if it takes years. But most people i met, who wanted to learn, tried to learn it with animes or without tips out of a book. This leads to failors and disadvantages, you cannot be aware of, if they are manifested. Or just hardly. Like the use of informal and formal speech i mentioned earlier. But still, i will keep on learning, even if i will not study anymore, cause i need money. So please be sure to stay at your hobby and keep on learning as long as it makes fun. No doubt about that. And yes your right. Languages like Japanese or Korean or Chinese are really hard to learn for people of the west. I as a german, had to deal with that problem as well. The gramar and writing systems are completely different like other languages in europe. But in my opinion, thats the fun. Dealing with Kanjis and try to think about bridges to remember them like the Kanji for human (two people holding each other 人) just to give an example. And when you look anime. This is where the real fun starts, when you remember Kanjis you see in the anime and know. Okay... Yamamoto was the auther of this. Or hey they are speaking about school or food or something. This really makes fun if you compare your progress and regonize, that you improve more and more.
Matt Field
Matt Field 4 dager siden
@Faceofscare San I'll just add that I think there's really something to the sheer difference in a language like Japanese or Chinese to Western style language, things haven't stuck in my head as easily the way they did in languages like French, Dutch, German or Spanish...part of it I think is that Kanji requires rote memorization or clever mnemonics for memorizing the attributed words and even meanings as well in many cases, the phonetic guide you typically have for words and even then how to quickly look up it's meaning of a kanji you don't know the definition of is sort of stripped away in a language like Japanese or Chinese so very hard languages to learn for beginners no doubt. I just try to keep it fun and not beat myself up when I realize that it takes a long time to seriously learn any language, especially one as complex and different as Japanese...
Matt Field
Matt Field 4 dager siden
@Faceofscare San 200 Kanji is no joke though... I'm pretty sure I know nowhere near that...even some Kanji I "know" I'm acutely aware that I don't really know in various contexts outside of their most basic uses that I've seen them in. That's probably a result of the difference between really learning in a school/book setting vs Duolingo/hobby though...
Faceofscare San
Faceofscare San 4 dager siden
Well... I studied Japanese for 6 Month in University for interest. It was quite fun, but honostly I dont understand more than you on that microwave :D... so you did a good job learning Japanese so far on your own I guess. Its a quite hard language and the grade where you can read most of normal things in Japan is insanely high. In Germany it takes 5 years in University, to learn Japanese at JLPT grade N2. If youre good. I was shocked when i realised, that I only learned 200 Kanji in 6 months.
S Shim
S Shim 6 dager siden
I enjoyed this video, thanks for sharing
Kin K
Kin K 6 dager siden
Even I was hired by a local company in rural area, who was seeking a foreigner as to develop new business, my visa application was rejected by the immigration department. The officer doubted that the ratio of using foreign language is low for such kind of small company. Evidences like trading records are required as to show the necessity. But the business hasn’t been started, how could the company hand out the evidence? It’s so ridiculous.
Ashen 6 dager siden
this place sounds terrible
depression 7 dager siden
Norway isnt prefect
Anime Manga and more...
It's really got to suck about the apartments when trying to get a house. Just because they think that foreigners will just drop and leave.
DIANEJAPAN 7 dager siden
Living in Kagoshima, I used to be awakened at 4am from the neighbor clanging pots about in her kitchen, presumably starting her morning meal prep.
Sida Huang
Sida Huang 7 dager siden
I agree. I work with my supplier who is in japan where I am based in singapore. He did mention that a lot of things they used in japan are very outdated compared to singapore.
Cenot4ph 7 dager siden
my god the apartments in japan are absolute shite. Here in Bangkok I can get very good amenities and new rooms for about 500 USD. generally a lot of the points you made in this video also apply to Thailand, it's perhaps more generally applicable to Asian cultures
Armand R
Armand R 7 dager siden
Do you still talk to Rachel and Jun?
Armand R
Armand R 7 dager siden
Wow, I haven't seen you talk or mention Yuki in forever, nor have we seen him in your videos. Lol, you sure he's still your friend??
lagnok 8 dager siden
"hey Natsuki how are you?" "Fucking hell" thank you so much for reminding me of this absolute GEM.
EMS 76
EMS 76 8 dager siden
Oh man, the OCD neighbour with the compulsion to close his door 25 times... To make it even worse, he was probably completely aware that his neighbours could hear it, but was completely compelled to do it regardless - adding daily humiliation on top of the underlying anxiety, the perturbed neighbours and the wasted time.
Rob Dunkes sr
Rob Dunkes sr 8 dager siden
Yeah, Japans not for me. I don't have the dedication to a job it requires to live their. I certainly am not going to work overtime every day. I don't like putting in the first 40. At 55, work is not something I look forward to on a daily.
Manashi Sarkar
Manashi Sarkar 8 dager siden
I can't live in a country with any two of these issues, let alone all. Thanks for saving me the money to travel to Japan. Arigato.
sayed Yaseen
sayed Yaseen 8 dager siden
yes after watching many video's relating to japan i realized its fucking hell people dying of working overtime ang after all having no life y moving to a country like that Love your country your family and you compatriot
sayed Yaseen
sayed Yaseen 8 dager siden
Australia is the best
Chikipichi 8 dager siden
Olympig is a good pun though
Hoshi Inoue
Hoshi Inoue 8 dager siden
nearly number ONE reason and he didn't even mention it; japanese FOOD SUCKS!!!!!! they dont bake anything , so everything is a form of stirfry, soup, or deepfried food. Even steak is fried T_T That is not even getting into sweets. Donuts are bread with frosting on them. You can't even get cake with frosting, they all are frosted with whip cream. it's hellish. mexican food never took off here so its very hard to find and expensive. The ingredients used are often dodgy. Sourcream substituted with yogurt for example. Even the japanese tacobell is very rare to find and the menu is completely different. You are only allowed to buy the tacobell food in a set combo, for example and many core staples like chalupas dont exist. Its utterly depressing.
a lack of pda in japan? well shoot, sign me up!
Randal Crookes
Randal Crookes 8 dager siden
@ ~8:00 did you purposely misspeak the clockwork line?
Som Shubhra F3
Som Shubhra F3 9 dager siden
Japan- Creates one of the best technologies... Also Japan- Uses outdated technology...
Thomas Eldridge
Thomas Eldridge 9 dager siden
I think you touched on the major points. I have lived in japan for 15 years so a lot resonates and work some of my job role in Japanese too so see more than maybe others see. I also think one of the negatives is the ‘tatemae’ thinking I.e. avoiding conflict and hiding ( in some cases lie) about the way you feel.
MF Khaleel
MF Khaleel 9 dager siden
Are you planning to marry a Japanese?
Tiki force
Tiki force 9 dager siden
Punch the noisy neighbor Imagine teaching a Japanese dude southern american slang and introducing them to sweet tea.
narie479 9 dager siden
If i want to spend 3 months in Japan; can i just pay for the 3 months in advance to help circumvent the 'flight risk' fear from the landlord?
Jane Goh
Jane Goh 9 dager siden
#12 Not that different from how Asians are perceived in the US or UK really. 3rd generation born and bred and still told to "go home".
Moghan Cibi Seven
Moghan Cibi Seven 9 dager siden
Ha ha ha, .,,, this is a pen
orbis 9 dager siden
if they paid overtime ppl wont care. thats the big problem
ajc 2990
ajc 2990 10 dager siden
I would love to visit Japan.
nakoda 10 dager siden
4:06 OCD, maybe?
Sorin Ph
Sorin Ph 10 dager siden
Japan can keep their perfect country, its probably the last place in the world where i want to live in.
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 10 dager siden
Maybe they think they are superior race?? Cause the emperor are from Goddess herself coming to japan?,sorry not to offend any japanese people here but why you guys doesnt want to open up more to foreigner....like Natsuki, Ryotaro and any other japanese people like Nobita from Japan and other? Any Japanese people can answer this honestly?
Syapiks 10 dager siden
its not boring in japan , its normal foreigner in japan
Darcy Cardinal
Darcy Cardinal 10 dager siden
We can't even visit Japan as it stands, how can we think about moving to Japan? Canadian here...
Steve o'clock
Steve o'clock 10 dager siden
Why not move to Japan it's simple because I don't speak japanese
Romulus Longstride
Romulus Longstride 10 dager siden
It like every where else you go too new so just stick it out
corn pop
corn pop 10 dager siden
Thanks Chris, this did exactly what it was intended to do; make me briefly uncomfortable and then incredibly confident as I realize "this is actually fine by me."
Pillock 10 dager siden
So sounds like cancel culture is rife there too, why accept an apology when you can end a career instead.
AlexHungKit 10 dager siden
i like this channel
James s r Bond
James s r Bond 11 dager siden
Brets so cool
Jeffrey Bezos
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