What It's Like To Be Addicted To Alcohol - Tubes 

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The lovely legend that is Tubes, from Soccer AM, opens up to the Happy Hour guys about his alcoholic past. Tubes has also just launched his own NOsections channel that features loads of huge footballers - you can check it down below!
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20. feb.. 2019





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Tom Middleton
Tom Middleton Dag siden
On a serious one, anyone else thinking this may be them too after watching this? Making you think how getting beered up always leads to bad things? It's making me think, for sure.
Ryan McCourt. Darren Chidgey.
1000th comment
Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary
I remember the real hooch that was so fucking nice they actually used to use like real orange juice with the vodka now it's all fucked up its fizzed and discusting now.
John Smith
John Smith 8 dager siden
Why is tubes famous. He got nothing
Fred CFC
Fred CFC 10 dager siden
WOW !!! Very honest by Tubes, thanks for sharing this
Pete Muller
Pete Muller 16 dager siden
Utter rubbish. No one is ‘addicted’ to alcohol and ‘alcoholism’ is not a disease; it’s all an affectation. People drink because they want to and can. That’s it. Simple as that.
Fergus Donaghy
Fergus Donaghy 19 dager siden
Good lad tubes. Strange to see him like this as I've only seen him acting the goat on soccer am
shaolinskunks88 22 dager siden
ive only been addicted to crisps. alcahol i can take it or leave it.
Ceaira Terpack
Ceaira Terpack 25 dager siden
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CrazyEntertainment TV
CrazyEntertainment TV 25 dager siden
Cannabis is a good substitute for drink , I use to drink a lot nearly most chances we could get but since I started smoking cannabis occasionally I rarely drink now only on proper special occasions
Ricky Murray
Ricky Murray 26 dager siden
18 months sober, I was drinking from the moment I woke up till sleep. Vodka. Nasty stuff.
Matthew Suelzer
Matthew Suelzer 27 dager siden
Just now came across this. Proud to be 2 months sober. I started to plan on when to drink like he said and during covid I drank a lot by myself even though I was playing cod online with friends. Months prior I started having anxiety issues and I didn't want to blame alcohol because I loved drinking. Towards the end of 2020 I started having some scary and dark things pop into my mind randomly days after a weekend binge and I realized I was becoming depressed. On Valentines day 2021 I had my last drink and after a few days of some more of those scary thoughts I sad fuck this and poured every bit of alcohol down the sink. I still love non-alcoholic beer that specifically has 0% (not that 0.5% bullshit) alcohol and I feel my mind and anxiety have been healing. I am much happier now and I look forward to an alcohol-free life.
T P 22 dager siden
Good for you mate. I had a similar experience to you. The head and the drink don't necessarily need to be linked but it doesn't help. It's amazing to start getting chunks of your week back, that were previously write-offs.
Adam Slamani
Adam Slamani 23 dager siden
Well done mate
Dominic Payne
Dominic Payne 28 dager siden
This helped me
Gary Styles
Gary Styles 29 dager siden
Just let us kno what it’s like to be a prat
Falcao 25 dager siden
You should know
Wayne Ellis
Wayne Ellis Måned siden
It was like having a thirst no amount of water could quench
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann Måned siden
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Geoff Maltbee
Geoff Maltbee Måned siden
i feel like its easier to get off an addiction as a kid because u have so much to do to take ur mind off it
Tricky Tree
Tricky Tree Måned siden
What a load of bollox, drinking in the park???? You guys are fuck heads and need to stop putting this shit on line, your talking like your big time😂 wtf guys ! I think your pissed doing this. All I want to know what the fuck is going on with that fat blokes hair line who does the shit interviews on soccer AM! How the fuck did he get on the TV? Totally wooden, and now playing the poor me card ffs. Turn it in you prick
Darren Ogden
Darren Ogden Måned siden
Blackouts are one of the scariest parts of alcoholism
Scott Senior
Scott Senior Måned siden
The dopaminergic response upon the stimulus is overwhelming
Dazza 101
Dazza 101 Måned siden
Wow. What a load of bollucks
No Boof
No Boof Måned siden
Sobriety brought back the hairline. Tuuuuuuubes
Robin McEwen
Robin McEwen Måned siden
14? that late? 11-12 in Glasgow. I'm so glad i've never got addicted to booze. I can't imagine a day without it.
The Dude
The Dude Måned siden
Alcohol if banned tomorrow would be a class A substance, its that potent to the human brain and body.
Rory Slaine
Rory Slaine Måned siden
I'm an alcoholic myself. I'm 29, always partied and enjoyed myself since I was a teen but about 2 years ago I went through some stuff and started getting drunk everyday. Started with a few beers, then it was a few beers and a bottle of wine, then it was a few beers and a bottle of rum. Its got to the stage where if I don't drink I start to tremble. Tried to make my ma a cup of tea and I couldn't even carry it to her because my hand was shaking so bad. I legit had to neck a beer to steady my hand. It's such a vicious cycle, because when/if you sober up, you feel absolute shame and disgust for yourself. How do you get rid of those feelings? Get drunk again. I've had alcoholics in my family and I never thought it could be me. I believe it could happen to anybody, because of how cheap and accessible it is.
zesty dragon123
zesty dragon123 Måned siden
I have never drank alcohol... I choose not to ... I am looked down upon by my friends cuz they always get drunk or smoke weed or abbuse some sort of a drug to have fun ... Its gotten to a point where I'm in need of new friends ... Keep in mind ik these guys for about 12 years now
Rory Slaine
Rory Slaine Måned siden
@Patrick FitzgeraldThanks lad. My nephew is called Patrick, made it hit home more strangely haha.
Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald Måned siden
No gain to anyone being sarcastic. Really hope you end up in a better place.
Rory Slaine
Rory Slaine Måned siden
@Patrick FitzgeraldThanks mo chara. I appreciate the support and the fact you didn't leave some sarky response. Everything I said was genuine. Take care of yourself mate.
Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald Måned siden
Rory Slaine best get some help with this situation. Best of luck to you.
icolater27 Måned siden
It’s like being a full time idiot.
Peter Måned siden
If alcohol was invented today it would be a class A drug, it kills more people than drugs do in a year, its crazy how alcohol is so acceptable, well done mate!!
Nick Måned siden
Merrydown silver top in the park 😊 Can relate to this planning the next binge.
Gaz Måned siden
Alcoholic talks about his addiction on a show called “Happy Hour”.
mr shifter
mr shifter Måned siden
It definitely creeps up on you, the buzz becomes harder to obtain so you want more.
Ismail Warsame
Ismail Warsame Måned siden
Let's be honest the society would be s better place if drinking was banned; someone remind me how many deaths in UK a drink related ? Must be top 5
Francis Robertson
Francis Robertson Måned siden
Real life fun Dan
Cameron Stracey
Cameron Stracey Måned siden
I like these podcasts Real people and no judgemental journalism
Cameron Stracey
Cameron Stracey Måned siden
Thank you for sharing tubes that’s incredibly honest and well done on staying teetotal for 2 years like you say it can’t of been easy. Big respect ✊
Ceaira Terpack
Ceaira Terpack Måned siden
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csb73 Måned siden
That's so true.
Toby Bartlett
Toby Bartlett Måned siden
It's so clear that some people are just born with an addictive personality, and it's therefore all or nothing. It makes me realise how lucky I am to be able to have a drink with mates without it really affecting my life, especially in the UK where there is a big drinking culture. Fair play to Tubes for being so honest
Toby Bartlett
Toby Bartlett Måned siden
@Abz 16 Oh sorry don’t think I made it clear, I’ve never been an alcoholic, I was just saying how lucky I am that I wasn’t born with an addictive personality and that I can have a drink without it getting serious. If you suffer from it yourself I can only apologise and hope you can overcome it 🙌
Abz 16
Abz 16 Måned siden
@Toby Bartlett Wow. Are you clean now or do you still occasionally drink?
Toby Bartlett
Toby Bartlett Måned siden
@Abz 16 I suppose about 15 mate, mainly piss ups in parks etc.
Abz 16
Abz 16 Måned siden
What age did you start drinking alcohol, if you don’t mind me asking?
New Thought
New Thought Måned siden
So many Brits are alcoholics and love it, so fucking sad.
Craig Yates
Craig Yates 2 måneder siden
Nearly a year sober for me. 1 is too many, 1000 aint enough.
Craig Yates
Craig Yates Måned siden
@Ray Bans i had coffees and lemonade last year so im feeling confident👌🏻
Ray Bans
Ray Bans Måned siden
Same here, the big test is when the bars reopen
steezysteve _
steezysteve _ 2 måneder siden
all you need is a bag of weed
Matthew S Redhead
Matthew S Redhead 2 måneder siden
So hopefully hes 4 years sober.
Dominic Greenwood
Dominic Greenwood 2 måneder siden
100 percent relate to this got to appreciate the mans candour and honesty
MK Maudsley
MK Maudsley 2 måneder siden
Such a damaging substance is alcohol! I’m over 10 years sober and still have very serious health problems coz of it. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just go back to drinking and fu** it all. With my kidney condition I really don’t think I’ll be around for many more years. It’s tough to think about but inevitable
Creative Ape
Creative Ape 2 måneder siden
Life is fragile man we all gotta go at some point. Respect and love
Brent J. Cooper
Brent J. Cooper 2 måneder siden
2 1/2 hours sober....(streaaaaaakkkk bitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachessss)))
tell it like it is
tell it like it is 2 måneder siden
Where did the names tubes come from ????
Timber Team
Timber Team 2 måneder siden
I just realised, I’ve never been more than slightly tipsy in my life not once(I’m 21 nearly 22)My kidneys must be soo healthy, can’t say the same for my lungs though just hit 7 years of smoking weed pretty much everyday.
Ben Hardcastle
Ben Hardcastle 3 måneder siden
Lol look at him this guy can’t play football 😂
Ellie Lou
Ellie Lou 4 måneder siden
I’m going through that stage of I need it to feel myself. I know how it feels. Proud of you!
Amar Dhaliwal
Amar Dhaliwal 4 måneder siden
I never knew this about Tubes. All I knew was that he’s got bants & sick football techniques 😂 Big up Tuuuuuuubessssss
George Herbert
George Herbert 5 måneder siden
Public Relations
Public Relations 5 måneder siden
Alcohol? And the rest.
Who Bootlegs
Who Bootlegs 5 måneder siden
What a likeable, honest guy Tubes is. Used to make me die laughing on Soccer AM too.
Faz 5 måneder siden
tell it like it is
tell it like it is 5 måneder siden
Why is he called tubes ?? Shouldn’t he be called tubs ( as when he was younger he was a bit tubby ) ?
TinJ تينجي
TinJ تينجي 6 måneder siden
"Can't be addicted to alcohol if you don't drink alcohol" *Roll Safe*
Beefwelliington 6 måneder siden
I consumed psilocybe subaeruginosa mushrooms in Melbourne Australia and it didn't happen right away but something happened then that planted a seed in my mind and it has now been 9 months since I have drank or done any drugs, just coffee and I wasn't addicted to any of them just enjoyed a beer here and there and sometimes a bit more then I should have and maybe one day I will be at the point to enjoy a single beer with a friend or a glass of red with dinner and then just leave it there but I am aware that there is something in me that just wants to keep that buzz going.
Dan 6 måneder siden
Day one attempt 3! Fingers crossed!
Ambrose 6 måneder siden
Tee total about 11 years now me. But i do remember what it was like. I would wake up at 6 am everyday and start drinking. If i did not hav e a drink i would shake that badly i could not even speak a full sentence. It felt like my brain was seizing up.
Alex Stubbs
Alex Stubbs 6 måneder siden
Probably won’t see this so late but fuckin fair play to kid 🙌
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode 7 måneder siden
8:18 I bet he used the train! Big brain energy yo.
Life Goals
Life Goals 7 måneder siden
He just looks so flushed and old now. It's a great lesson for anyone who thinks getting wasted won't catch up with you, just look at Tubes' catcher's mitt face. He was never a looker, but he's aged dramatically. No offence intended, just use him as a guideline for why booze isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Seagull 7 måneder siden
Really good to have a real description of addiction instead of the common portrayal of alcoholism. Respect Tubes
M 7 måneder siden
who is he?
Jacob 7 måneder siden
U was in a football management game for PC u made it
gazb2010 7 måneder siden
Tubes your a top bloke. 2.5yr is fantastic. Cheers for telling your story as It can’t be easy and maybe opened the eyes for some people. 👍👍👍
Wzc Jix
Wzc Jix 7 måneder siden
15-16 ?? In scotland it’s 12
Tony Baggo
Tony Baggo 7 måneder siden
Nice 1
Finn O’Donnell
Finn O’Donnell 7 måneder siden
I want to help my dad with this problem but he won’t stop does anyone have advice?
Adam 7 måneder siden
He’s drinking for a reason. There is some deeply ingrained trauma that he is refusing to deal with. Every time his mind comes to that obstacle he doesn’t want to tackle it and turns to alcohol to suppress those feelings. The only way to deal with it is to talk and engage with those emotions head on. Once the feelings have started to be processed he won’t need to drink so much anymore.
Nick Carter
Nick Carter 7 måneder siden
Find somewhere to get proper help, youtube isn’t the place my friend
Shadow 7 måneder siden
Sky Sports exposed Tubes like he is Barney Gumble from Simpsons.
Dean 7 måneder siden
Love tubes wicked guy I see him on a train in brentford and I was to embarrassed to say hi . I've met some celebrities before and spoke with them totally fine but as a chelsea fan couldn't gather the word together to say alrite mate your the only fun on soccer am . So if you can see this tubes hello mate your the man lol
dick donaldson
dick donaldson 7 måneder siden
Top man tubes
ben 90
ben 90 8 måneder siden
An you can buy alcohol in the shop an drink unlimited amounts But somehow cannabis is illegal Strange corrupt world
D1 8 måneder siden
It's magical at the beginning, great times in la-la-land, but eventually (and before you know it) it becomes seriously depressing but you can't stop it, because you drink it to stop the worst of the depression, but it causes massive depression, and you end up in a terrible cycle of just feeling like crap all the time, plus you end up feeling sick when you don't drink, because of the comedown, and the only way to not feel sick is to get drunk again, that's when you're body becomes addicted, because the chemicals in your brain stop firing normally because the alcohol is doing the job, partially, and you end up needing it, even though it makes you worse. Horrible, horrible drug. Cold turkey is the only way to give it up - it's an absolutely terrible couple of months at the beginning, your sick, massively depressed, heads all over the place, but eventually your body starts to normalise again and it becomes much easier and becomes a mental struggle, but you end up thinking "sure I can have one drink", but you never STOP being an alcoholic, that's the important thing to remember, one drink will likely undo the work your body has done to normalise itself, and the cravings start up again. Everyone can give it up, just be prepared for a bad few months then a lifetime of just sticking to soft drinks!
gaz elliott
gaz elliott 8 måneder siden
cocaine is more addictive than alcohol
gaz elliott
gaz elliott 8 måneder siden
@Steven Rose im the samet ho buddy with drink one pint an im on it for 3 days
Steven Rose
Steven Rose 8 måneder siden
I disagree I can do coke then stop for a while and not even think about it, alcohol on the other hand it's diffrent
gavin higgins
gavin higgins 8 måneder siden
If alcohol was invented now it would be illegal
karlpetersenstock 8 måneder siden
If you're an Alcoholic or have a problem , stay home and party with yourself!!! It will save you alot of embarrassment and run ins with cops ...
Marc O'Donnell
Marc O'Donnell 8 måneder siden
Semi pro but played County
rupert giles
rupert giles 8 måneder siden
Fair play he's tee total now
97Mrkizza 8 måneder siden
I like how when jack and steve congratulated tubes for being 2 years sober, it wasn’t patronising at all which is so rare to see, fair play
Matt Tidswell
Matt Tidswell 8 måneder siden
Respect this interview, it takes huge balls to openly talk about something like this. Hopefully it helps other people in a similar situation
Thomas Edward Wilson
Thomas Edward Wilson 8 måneder siden
Sad that sky didn't help they just used it as a joke Fair play to you tubes
Thetruth666 O
Thetruth666 O 8 måneder siden
That’s really how it happens too, a lot of shy people drink to be loud and confident and then end up relying on it
Smithy 8 måneder siden
You can't just end on 'that's when you had a heart attack' 😂😂
Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast 8 måneder siden
Oh... but we did!
wernesgruder1 8 måneder siden
Planning your life around drinking......that’s when you woke up. It becomes part of your routine and you look forward to it like a holiday or a trip out. I know so many people who knock off work early on a Friday and they are then they drink until Sunday lunchtime. Then they sober up for Monday.....repeat ad nauseum.
Sy Mondo
Sy Mondo 8 måneder siden
Tubes mate, I’m 30, have been following soccer am since my teens and we are so similar! Today’s day 40 without alcohol for me! Like you, I couldnt just have one: The moment that made me stop was going home to my folks drinking two bottles of wine and half a bottle of gin and throwing up all over! Reminder I’m 30 years old ffs! That’s when i said no more! I cant just have one either! If anyone is iffy about giving up, please just try it! I’m awake earlier, i get so much done around the house, my mood is better (find myself laughing at the smallest things) you have more empathy to people, and, more money in the bank!! Good luck to anyone trying to give up: you can do it 😌😌
Luke Fawcett
Luke Fawcett 8 måneder siden
I really don’t think that’s a addiction 😂😂 he said he drinks on Chealse games that’s normal he didn’t drink every night like some people who wake up and get on it
Alfred Wood
Alfred Wood 8 måneder siden
Sick this
Just Hibbz
Just Hibbz 8 måneder siden
Alcohol is a liquid, when we hydrate we feel better. Mix this hydration with feel good hormones, you are fucked. Simple as that. Look at your life and ask where you are paining yourself, for you to need to feel good. Majority of humans are in a cycle that they don't even like
kajeej 8 måneder siden
If you do come off alcohol it's advised that you taper off it, as going cold turkey can kill you. Big respect Tubes, congrats on sobriety!
A J 8 måneder siden
I feel like one of the worst elements of being addicted to alcohol is when you reach sobriety you actually miss the good elements of drinking in moderation. Don’t get hooked lads!
Jack Keaney
Jack Keaney 8 måneder siden
Bro Ik this needs to be talked about but for a podcast called the happy hour it’s not a very happy houe
KrackaJax 8 måneder siden
He sounds pissed I won’t lie
Matt Blakeley
Matt Blakeley 8 måneder siden
Just realised I'm sat drinking a beer watching this 🙈
alex d
alex d 9 måneder siden
real man❤️
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas 9 måneder siden
He is fuckin red like
John !!
John !! 9 måneder siden
wightlines 1
wightlines 1 10 måneder siden
Tubes should speak at meetings and shit, hes so relatable people would take what he said seriously.
ryan tait
ryan tait 10 måneder siden
Really compelling interview. Well done Tubes 👏👏
Speed Stix
Speed Stix År siden
Good effort Tubos, Not easy to break the addiction and remain dry, Stay strong my man.
Kieran M
Kieran M År siden
Is the rest of the podcast not on NOsections?
Secret Squirrel
Secret Squirrel År siden
If I was a fat waste, I’d be an alcoholic too
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