KSHMR & Mahmut Orhan - Slow [feat. KARRA] (Official Audio) 

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KSHMR & Mahmut Orhan - Slow [feat. KARRA] (Official Audio)

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10. juni. 2021





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KSHMR Måned siden
Thanks for listening guys. This is a special song for me, Karra and Mahmut - hope you enjoy
Mona MAL
Mona MAL 9 dager siden
Love from Croatia 🇭🇷
Anas - lex
Anas - lex 11 dager siden
we did
Kelly Eco Lawrence
Kelly Eco Lawrence 20 dager siden
this song has been on repeat for two weeks now. i cant stop from listening to it everyday
Cloakings 24 dager siden
You are the best KSHMR ❤
football lover
football lover 25 dager siden
EDM AL13N.3XE Dag siden
That violin melody is fire
Prime Tunes
Prime Tunes 2 dager siden
One of Those Best Tracks of the Album 👏🔥
Tyaa Atlia
Tyaa Atlia 2 dager siden
I am so addicted to this song! The violin 🎻 is so beautiful I'm crying 🥲
Version Soft
Version Soft 3 dager siden
Guadalupe mejia
Guadalupe mejia 3 dager siden
Kshmr maestro ídolo 👌👌💔💔💞💞💝💝💘💗💟
lavanith max
lavanith max 4 dager siden
If it is featured with big pop star like Selena Gomez or ariyana it will be a billion hit on NOsections & spotify. Karra doesn't suit for your style. Karra had bad singing. Autotune with a star. Bad signing. It was like waking a womam on 3am and made her to record singing. 👎🖓 her singing style I hate it.
Chihaia Iuliana
Chihaia Iuliana 5 dager siden
Beautiful! ❤❤❤The violin is magic!🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
Martin Nitram
Martin Nitram 5 dager siden
Yulianto Affandi
Yulianto Affandi 7 dager siden
0:36 best
Mona MAL
Mona MAL 9 dager siden
I really enjoy listening the song...💗
Natascha Sarközy
Natascha Sarközy 10 dager siden
Beautiful ❤
Tannaz Nikouzad
Tannaz Nikouzad 10 dager siden
Idk how but this song makes me cry and I don’t hate it 🙏🏼❣️ ✨ audio magic ✨
Fadadu Harshad
Fadadu Harshad 10 dager siden
Thanks for being my spirit,my positive vibes,my energy I can never meet u and can never see u live but your music 🎶 gave me hope to live a life 🖤 /\ ✨⚡💫 🇮🇳
Yulianto Affandi
Yulianto Affandi 10 dager siden
Yulianto Affandi
Yulianto Affandi 10 dager siden
song of heaven
Yulianto Affandi
Yulianto Affandi 10 dager siden
this song like bring me on to other dimension
Yulianto Affandi
Yulianto Affandi 10 dager siden
i hear this song everyday
Deepa Iyer
Deepa Iyer 11 dager siden
Beautiful video and Heart touching music, brings out the synergy between this amazing collaboration ☯️ ❤️✨
Avantika Bhartiya
Avantika Bhartiya 11 dager siden
Ohhh myyyy Gaawwwdddd 😍😍😍😍
RAMANUJAN'S DEVOTEE 12 dager siden
Bombay dreams and slow are my one the most fav track of Kshmr....... 🥰🥰🥰
The Sound Wolf
The Sound Wolf 13 dager siden
Why is this not in Millions Club yet!
Nailed it bro. My ears approved. One of a kind.
Alina A
Alina A 15 dager siden
The best👍
MUHAMMAD HAMZA 16 dager siden
Love you 💞
BRANDY GAMER 16 dager siden
i know u from freefire
BRANDY GAMER 2 dager siden
wow my comment got highlighted by K . CAN IT BE LIKED TOO .❤️
Yassine Irbox
Yassine Irbox 17 dager siden
Kshmr make more like this tracks ❤
Yassine Irbox
Yassine Irbox 17 dager siden
Mahmut orhan ❤
bilgin kömür
bilgin kömür 18 dager siden
burak dogancioglu
burak dogancioglu 18 dager siden
burak dogancioglu
burak dogancioglu 18 dager siden
Ruhum güzelleşti🎶🎶🎶🎵😍
Kelly Eco Lawrence
Kelly Eco Lawrence 20 dager siden
KARRA ft. KSHMR is my ever best collaboration. All the songs are good. This is extremely awesome
Journey to the Light Year
Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
lovemysw 20 dager siden
slow slow slow
Altrøx 21 dag siden
This is truly wonderful! ❤️
Solo 13
Solo 13 21 dag siden
Боженьки, как же это красиво звучит!!!😍
Jason Murayama
Jason Murayama 21 dag siden
Quality jam
R Arifin
R Arifin 21 dag siden
Soydan Canbaz
Soydan Canbaz 23 dager siden
ne güzel şarkı yapmışsınız saatlerdir dinle dinle bıkmadım helal olsun 2 ustaya
Radiologic 23 dager siden
kemanı duyunca kesin Türk vardır dedim çıktı 😄
Kerem 24 dager siden
It's one of my favorite songs now I really like it from Turkey ❤🤍
TheXGamer 25 dager siden
The “Devil Inside Me” is making me feel “Slow”, but little does it know, that I have a “Wildcard”.
Manish Dhiman
Manish Dhiman 25 dager siden
Kshmr & mahmut orhan 🧑‍🚒
Adi Yulianto
Adi Yulianto 25 dager siden
KSHMR, Martin Garrix, Vicetone, Weird Genius, are my edm-kind favorite musicians, love their whole songs, energizing my daily life, thank God I live in this era
Menekşe Kaymak
Menekşe Kaymak 25 dager siden
It was my wish that " a record with KSHMR as a turkish producer" but I feel proud like I did. 🖤
Arav Kaul
Arav Kaul 25 dager siden
Kshmr is a combination of emotions!
16.Waseem Zafar
16.Waseem Zafar 25 dager siden
I listened it after my Boring Online classes and i got Relaxed.
Ebru Baştuğ
Ebru Baştuğ 26 dager siden
Vocal müthiş
Riddhish Chakraborty
Riddhish Chakraborty 26 dager siden
Pure gem 🖤❤
ECHO 99 26 dager siden
50% KSHMR 50% Mahmut Orhan 100% Masterpiece 😍🔥
rus rusyda
rus rusyda 8 dager siden
You forgot karra for the best voval there
Angga Fajar Setyawan
Angga Fajar Setyawan 27 dager siden
Beautiful song❤
Ployoy 27 dager siden
The Song is so good but i want my old kshmr Back :(
🦋 27 dager siden
mahmut orhan mı ah kalbim ve ben 💖
Samet Yılmaz
Samet Yılmaz 27 dager siden
Mahmut Orhan ❤️
Mumtaz AR
Mumtaz AR 27 dager siden
Such a lovely beatz just wanna say love this......❤❤❤
Darian Lupaca
Darian Lupaca 28 dager siden
Es simplemente exquisito, una melodía que enamora y endulza el corazón
DU3DU 28 dager siden
AKASH Gaming 99
AKASH Gaming 99 29 dager siden
Best song ever i listen
Quentin Muller
Quentin Muller Måned siden
INCROYABLE est le terme exacte pour qualifier se morceau qui est un pur diamant 💎
Fırat Reis
Fırat Reis Måned siden
Mükemmel mükemmel mükemmel mahmut keman sesinin senden geldiği her yerden belli harika
Moneeb Jutt
Moneeb Jutt Måned siden
Melodious! ❤❤❤🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Emre Kılıçaslan
Emre Kılıçaslan Måned siden
Mahmut Orhan 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Anutosh Chowdhury
Anutosh Chowdhury Måned siden
Love this
turbulans Måned siden
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar Måned siden
We want all Harmonica Andromeda songs,free fire One more round,Bombay dreams and other new songs tobe played in Music festivals
JEEYA Måned siden
Beautiful ❤️
विजय k
विजय k Måned siden
cleen......lol chek....l
Aritra Chatterjee
Aritra Chatterjee Måned siden
This feels like as if the melody is made by orginal instruments not by virual studio..
Aritra Chatterjee
Aritra Chatterjee Måned siden
Epic. Just getting indian classical music vibes here.. So good
SAMAR P.🎵 Måned siden
Peace is in this song❤️
SHANOVA Bertinovsla
SHANOVA Bertinovsla Måned siden
x1.1 just feels like the natural speed to me
Umut TYGN Måned siden
Sofia Christina Papanikou
Ταξίδι στο όνειρο...🌙
PL Måned siden
Who has the actual lyrics... The ones i get are messed up and some words are omitted... Its frustrating... Such a great song
Rohin Shyam
Rohin Shyam Måned siden
Couldn't be a better match of Amazing artists...Mahmuts infamous violin background just adds to the techno marvel this song! Mind=blown
Karthika R
Karthika R Måned siden
Should i cry or vibe when the beat drops???? This is godly !!!!! BEAUTIFUL... Lots of LOVEEEEEE
Tuấn Nguyễn Minh
i from to Vietnam i love your music! very nice
Tolik ы
Tolik ы Måned siden
Incredibly, insane
ardi merdangga
ardi merdangga Måned siden
I always like your music☺
Mert And Life
Mert And Life Måned siden
KSHMR is very nice, Mahmut keep it up bro 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Lexi Candy
Lexi Candy Måned siden
i love this song so much :))))))))
Note2 Samsung
Note2 Samsung Måned siden
With love from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 ❤️❤️❤️
Unmesh mondal
Unmesh mondal Måned siden
Starting is like heaven🤩
Unmesh mondal
Unmesh mondal Måned siden
doktor hanim
doktor hanim Måned siden
Cok super olmus.Tesehkurler
Ak Tiwari
Ak Tiwari Måned siden
Starting music is so good. But last mai total hag 💩dia music ko hard kr dia
Anthony Gomes
Anthony Gomes Måned siden
Another masterpiece by KSHMR. 🙌🙏❤️
Sander Grevers
Sander Grevers Måned siden
My only question is: why does this song only last 2 minutes and 50 seconds?!
Kaniston Rajalingam
Kaniston Rajalingam Måned siden
kanara mrd
kanara mrd Måned siden
Lizhu 8
Lizhu 8 Måned siden
KSHMR - Tupinambá and KSHMR & Mahmut Orhan - Slow [feat. KARRA] (HITS ALBUM)
Gato Facha
Gato Facha Måned siden
Norrotaku Måned siden
omg this violin has such a beautiful voice so strong so full of emotion and longing
Spectrum Måned siden
Mais uma música perfeita ❤️
Aykut Ark
Aykut Ark Måned siden
Kemanın sesi hüzün ve enerjiyi bir arada barındırıyor. Emeğinize sağlık Mahmut 1 haftadır dinliyorum ve uzun yıllar dinlenecek eskimeyecek bir eser olmuş tebrikler 👏🏼 thank you so much KSHMR and Karra this is a wonderful song 🔥
Stefin Davis k
Stefin Davis k Måned siden
This is legendary ..😍 KSHMR nevr fails to amaze meh.❤
SHIVRAM Kale Måned siden
Free fire player 😁😎 👇
Nethsara lk
Nethsara lk Måned siden
Breathtaking ❤❤
my dream came true.
Ganger 1,7 mill
Welcome to KSHMR Vol. 9
Slow (feat. KARRA)
my dream came true.
Ganger 1,7 mill
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