"GOOD USED" | DewClaw vs. Deutz Diesel 

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"I say'd for sale, not ON SALE. Interesting trades considered. *MINTY* Fresh service, new voltage controller, rare two-tone battleship grey/rust. As is where is, come after dark."



5. mai. 2021





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Marshall Smith™
Marshall Smith™ 2 dager siden
Use it to power a cable car...
Ashley D
Ashley D 3 dager siden
People everywhere perfect time to get hissyfit.
James walker
James walker 5 dager siden
Now you can put that engine on a boat.
Steve Puyear
Steve Puyear 7 dager siden
Another successful day at the office!
ron 7 dager siden
Man, your vigios bring smiles to my face bud. Hope your doing good up in the land of winter and mystery
Stewart McDiarmid
Stewart McDiarmid 13 dager siden
Just learned about duetz last week, fixing a cpl tractors with big 6cyl air and oil cooled engines had no idea they were air cooled, pretty nifty shit, they use oil for cab heat
Gromble Guy
Gromble Guy 16 dager siden
always get wasps in there. sucks.
Micah Blomgren
Micah Blomgren 20 dager siden
Isn't it just the worst, when you can't autoexcite.
Ryan White
Ryan White 22 dager siden
Might have a lead on some big interesting "scrap". AvE if you read this, get in touch.
Newfie Ingenuity
Newfie Ingenuity 22 dager siden
Engine could make a good sawmill, could retire by the end of the month if you figure out how to make a couple 2 be 4's
P S 22 dager siden
Hey :) love the videos great entertainment, found this old video today nosections.info/green/z45ljpx7qbB8vNQ/video.html Turbo Incabulator - their inventive usage of langage in that i thought of you Ave :) have fun
Tommy O Donovan
Tommy O Donovan 23 dager siden
Electric guys are like magicians, Burn the Witch.
Jeff Winter
Jeff Winter 23 dager siden
When your electrician answers a question with another question I'm thinking you're Upkafucked.🤔
Andros Standley
Andros Standley 26 dager siden
So was that the right way to do it
Dave Fredrock
Dave Fredrock 28 dager siden
Takes me to some of these outfits in non-English countries where there are a bunch of teens rewinding generators and motors with home made tools. Huge generators and motors. Mostly non OSHA supervised I'm fairly certain.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 28 dager siden
"Device intermittently throws sparks and shuts down". OK, I won't leave until I've resolved either the spark issue or the intermittently issue...
James Lavanway
James Lavanway Måned siden
I think instead of lawn ordaments you oughta turn it into lawn ordnance. Let the thing runaway in the yard.
CNCmachiningisfun Måned siden
Does this mean that you now have a Molten-ator?
CNCmachiningisfun Måned siden
LOL. I have lost count of the number of times I have had to do this, with the engine running, to start the alternator. Mine didn't go up in smoke, though :) .
phooesnax Måned siden
I did that with a seller one. Flashed the field and began to produce power. All of it all at once.
Wrstew Måned siden
Mr. AvE, I have just read thru far too many responses regarding your lack of skills in predicting a less than perfect audio condition. Now I, being a poorly educated individual, come here for the comedy and occasionally a modicum of learning. BUT, there are quite a few audiophiles whom also visit here to complain about their tender eardrums. Could you please use the comfuser sort thingie and tell them fine folks where they can send them new microphones, cameras, and editing equipment to? I am sure that they, being here, would be more than happy to help you with your video recording efforts. Y’all are doing fantastic telling this guy how lousy his sound is, cough up, or blow it out yer pie hole. I really enjoyed the experience, can’t figger what their issue is, but my ears ring all the time from a loud work background. You make me laugh, so I keep coming back.
James Burwell
James Burwell Måned siden
TOM COOK Måned siden
Dewclaw a Newfy?
Rottinrock Måned siden
once you let the smoke out its toast
The_Eccentric Måned siden
The windings see moh kay....... She's good and proper hooped.
Sith Ticklefingers
Sith Ticklefingers Måned siden
I’m with dewclaw -I hate when the presence of window lickers precludes my self-loathing shit fits.
Robert Adner
Robert Adner Måned siden
Trade you a pos generac iq2000 with a Dickered inverter that the scumbags potted so you can't fix it. 🤣
OneManShow Måned siden
Anybody else watch these videos the day they come out… only to be alerted 2-3 days later that AvE just now created some fresh new piping hot content… which happens to be the exact same thing you already watched? I mean… it’s not just AvE’s stuff either… I don’t understand.
Gizmo Måned siden
AvE Try listening to this with headphones. Been like this for a few videos, the audio oscillates through channels.
Co.11 Måned siden
Thank God for mono audio options
C.A. Ryan
C.A. Ryan Måned siden
It just needed a little extra spank in the tank. About rolled off my stool in the garage on that one.
gbean Måned siden
Definitely already had a shorted stator winding. The way it loaded up when you excited the field...
Otis Davies
Otis Davies Måned siden
I would love to see how stout it is internally
Otis Davies
Otis Davies Måned siden
Have you done a video on the harbor freight apex badland 12k and larger winch
jeff doak
jeff doak Måned siden
How about build a welder air compressor combo out of it
rkalle66 Måned siden
A pretty fine copper melting machine. As copper prices are up. Just start with copper refinery 😋
tehpanda64100 Måned siden
2:00 I have a slightest feeling that there was a drop of foreshadowing here
joe bob
joe bob Måned siden
So... did ya'll make sure the windings were wired right to begin with? I thought low voltage simplified to 6 wire was 2a 2b and 2c... not 1a 2b and 3c... maybe its a canook thing, more skookum
EnlightenedSavage Måned siden
I love my packout .
Don Forgie
Don Forgie Måned siden
I have flashed the field of a generator before with a 9 volt battery, without the gen running, the mechanics were amazed :)
Eranzitro Måned siden
They call him dewclaw because he’s useless. Gets stuck in a fence eventually
ᅚᅚ Måned siden
smelt the copper
Berrnie Mccannaster
Berrnie Mccannaster Måned siden
i find it hard to even find the words, so ,, just one comes to mind, ??????
Hanz Nel
Hanz Nel Måned siden
Don't you have a shop that can rewind it? It'll be good as new afterwards.
KThach Måned siden
With the price of copper these days those generator windings hold a fair amount of money lol. Wonder if it'd be enough to pay for itself?
robyn murphy
robyn murphy Måned siden
its definitely not less concerning watching when your a Deutz power gen tech...
These two guys together are fucking hilarious, need more of this content. What a series you guys could make
Trex1268 Måned siden
The shin bones connected to the..... Knee bone....
Jani Palonen
Jani Palonen Måned siden
Dont worry the field generator is now running wild in pixie fields in a better place. It was a mercy killing.
thecoxicle Måned siden
you could put a hydraulic pack on it or just keep it as a noise generator for next time you upset the better three quarters and she feels the need to lay a liberal coating of profanity on you.
Michael Bamber
Michael Bamber Måned siden
Should have run it longer, see how much magic smoke you'll need to put back, now you'll have to guess how many litres you already lost.
Justin S.
Justin S. Måned siden
I'd keep an eye open for someone with a generator that has a bad engine. Or use that engine for a homemade tractor.
Michael Pence
Michael Pence Måned siden
It was working just fine the last time I used it! What did you guys do to it?!
skunked42 Måned siden
Those milfukee boxes do not survive Fed Ex still "sorted".
Jeff Moss
Jeff Moss Måned siden
J Sheldon
J Sheldon Måned siden
Just seen somebody rippin off your artwork/stickers on Facebook Marketplace...They go by Crarts Of Hearts...not sure if you give crap, thought you should know.
J Sheldon
J Sheldon Måned siden
Crafts Of Harts*
Shane Leary
Shane Leary Måned siden
Literally just had one do this at work! Flames and balls of molten metal flying out everywhere 😂 it was spectacular
Gruntslayer 35
Gruntslayer 35 Måned siden
You seem to buy a lot of generators
Curtis Poss
Curtis Poss Måned siden
We need more dew claw
Josh Reynolds
Josh Reynolds Måned siden
That nervous laugh from dewclaw at 5:48 says everything you need to know
cujoedaman Måned siden
You know what else was virtually indestructible? The Titanic.
Eric S.
Eric S. Måned siden
I like to freak out when I am surrounded by people. Let's them know I'm as unhinged as that packout.
Noneof Above
Noneof Above Måned siden
Take it apart. Rewind it !
Joseph Butler
Joseph Butler Måned siden
The Canuck version of Antiques Roadshow!? Cool!
Twinfire Måned siden
transcript says: pain in the cat. It aint wrong
Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt Måned siden
I'm still smokin while watching this; and I'm fine. Hit 'er again!!
Thomas Prendergast
Thomas Prendergast Måned siden
And this is why we AvE.
gravelydon Måned siden
Those engines make great water pump engines.
Aaron Houseman
Aaron Houseman Måned siden
Finally, he’s back. Been waiting forever
Norfolk & Waye
Norfolk & Waye Måned siden
Probably could just buy an alternator on Ebay. There's an Onan/Cummins dealer that always has a few new alternators for sale.
Teeh Måned siden
4:46 "so we're a ways a way, still" holy fuck my gut!!
Brad Neitsch
Brad Neitsch Måned siden
You still have a really nice diesel engine
ramblin_JoeFish762 Måned siden
I finally got the Dew Claw joke. It's a pain in the ass, but it serves a purpose.
brian bennett
brian bennett Måned siden
Master Gennie Fluffer ol' Dewclaw is...
Ryan m
Ryan m Måned siden
Rewind it, by hand. That would be some must watch tv😁
Bornzo Flux
Bornzo Flux Måned siden
Diode Wan Kenobi
Jamie Tyson
Jamie Tyson Måned siden
Seems like it might be a nice engine for a vehicle of some kind...
Robert Ivers
Robert Ivers Måned siden
Kill switch worked perfectly. Dead as a door nail...
Self identify as a AR-15
I kinda want AvE and the dewclaw to dismantle the blue origin rocket and capsule to find out why it won’t chooch into space.
Dante DiBiase
Dante DiBiase Måned siden
I barely noticed the foreshadowing there, almost slipped by me...
Jeremy Fair
Jeremy Fair Måned siden
Christ at the price of scrap copper you’re sitting on a fucking Gold mine
Edder31 Måned siden
Thanks AvE and I suppose even Dewclaw for the videos you make! Long story still kinda long but my job got automated and I had to find a more stable career decently quick before the savings dry up and here we are now two years later! Went to trade school to be a Commercial/Residential electrician but fell in love with motors and industrial contrivances. Got a job now as a motor tech at a local shop that helps service the paper plant pump motors nearby and the taconite mine motors, going to get MSHA trained to do service calls for all kinds of problems from large motors, VFD’s, and simple push buttons. Love the work, enjoy the people (for the most part), and the pay is rather attractive. Couldn’t be happier!
Baron of Livonia.
Baron of Livonia. Måned siden
Obi Wan Diode should be his new moniker, The Elechicken, or production manager should have peeked inside 1st, just to see what was there and absolutely nothing wrong with engaging rotation. got to be some chinese generators floating around southwest corner of province. A thoroughly enjoyable video.
Pierre Delecto
Pierre Delecto Måned siden
As a farmer this is all true. I collect all kinds of partially working antiquities.
Timothy Fargo
Timothy Fargo Måned siden
At 1084°C, the angry pixies need a smoke, Cu later.
MechanicalHand Måned siden
Rewind it!
MadMetalManiac74 Måned siden
I have a request! Would you consider making some "from the hazard fraught" chrome stickers to slap next to our US general badge on our HF tool boxes? I would so buy that! My box is not compete lol.
M. Otto
M. Otto Måned siden
ey, I live there
VoicedChimp Måned siden
Classic mistake, you let all the sparks out.
jwhuffandpuff Måned siden
das nicht functioneirt? Das ist nicht moglich
WhatNot Zone
WhatNot Zone Måned siden
First rule of troubleshooting... Hit it with a hammer. If the hammer didn't fix it then your problem's electrical.
Rex Geek
Rex Geek Måned siden
I say fire 'er up, finish smelting the copper out of the motor, and buy something nice for the wife! Also, please say hello to Chickadee Engineering, Brother Bear, and The Wife for me.
Ro Kko
Ro Kko Måned siden
It's exiting windings which burns not main windings - You have also diodes on it. If you change it with new one and if u have new avr I think should work
santillo1 Måned siden
The dewclaw sounds like John c Reilly
martin frost
martin frost Måned siden
Put it on eBay for $5000 as previously owned by a famous hand model.
mofoq Måned siden
damn those angry pixies are angry
Øyle Måned siden
@AvE Did you see this wrench? 1909 by Frederick Walden I think you'd appreciate it nosections.info/green/uKt6bph5ZWdkqpk/video.html
Eric Brandt
Eric Brandt Måned siden
Used to have to “polarize” automotive generators back in the 70’s while working my way through college....Later went into to an industry with AC/DC generation equipment and Ward-Leonard based DC motor equipment....There was an old guy...LEGEND! ....A generator set had lost its “polarization”....came in on an after hours emergency dispatch....analyzed the situation....the LEGEND got the Generator Set repolarized by striking it with a BFH in the right spot....Later the customer complained about the size of the bill saying the guy was only there less than a 1/2 hour....The LEGEND....rewrote his work order....so many hours @ Overtime Rate....PLUS....$800 for the 40 years of experience acquiring the knowledge of exactly where to impact the generator set to restore operation....LEGEND!
FV4030 Måned siden
Windings seemed okay...
Drackar Måned siden
My money's on lawn ornament. Because it's already there. And you know what they say about objects at rest.
Daniel DeGagne
Daniel DeGagne Måned siden
I'm interested in the acquiring of so many large electrical generators. I can only imagine the story starts with a shifty salesman who came a-knocking with a big bag of tiny LEDs. Tells you that if you plant them over winter, springtime you'd have a big crop of lightbulbs that needed to be raised to maturity before hauing them to market