Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW) 

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listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.



4. juni. 2021





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Kandy Gacha
Kandy Gacha Minutt siden
The internet in a nutshell:
Crooked Warden
Crooked Warden 6 minutter siden
This was really clever. Like holy shit bo well played man I enjoyed the fuck outta this.
HeroHeart14z 6 minutter siden
well shit you ain't wrong
Dominick Scarcella
Dominick Scarcella 13 minutter siden
Complicated feelings, enjoying Bo's disassociative mania. Hope he's well
Kyo Itoshi
Kyo Itoshi 13 minutter siden
I can”t stop dancing in my chair.
Ashley johnson
Ashley johnson 15 minutter siden
the fact that he looks so different with long hair a beard and those glasses is baffling
Albus Dumbeldore
Albus Dumbeldore 17 minutter siden
Let's get this to #1_trending
trizha sardaña
trizha sardaña 17 minutter siden
Thomas Bruinsma
Thomas Bruinsma 19 minutter siden
"Could I interest you in everything, all of the time" is such a strong line. It encompasses everything the internet is. In another context it sounds like some question a Djinn would ask an adventurer, unaware of the consequences of having everything, always. We as the viewer would know that it's something he shouldn't accept, because it's too much for a simple human to have. Yet here we are.. Watching "Welcome to the internet" on loop.
G M 21 minutt siden
I love Bo Burnham and honestly I’m so glad he’s making songs again
SilbernesGold 23 minutter siden
Videogamedunkey would say: Mastaapiece
jana 23 minutter siden
This sounds like something out of Dont't Hug Me I'm Scared...
Angry Panther
Angry Panther 24 minutter siden
I enjoy this alot
Robbie Abbott Ramsay
Robbie Abbott Ramsay 24 minutter siden
i get villain song vibes from this
Christopher B.
Christopher B. 26 minutter siden
Future Tim burton musical X Bo Burnham
Questionable username
Questionable username 29 minutter siden
No One
No One 33 minutter siden
Bro from 1:15 forward I feel like that's the government being Mr. Burns like yesss tell us more!
Morris Caserta
Morris Caserta 34 minutter siden
Internet will be the next character in Super Smash Bros?
TheCritic 34 minutter siden
The Return of the King!
Jeremy Hatfield
Jeremy Hatfield 34 minutter siden
watched this about 50 times so far... not 100% sure what i'm feeling but it's been a mix of thoughts, feelings, & concerns that have had a hard time to express themselves. You are the Jacob Collier of musically explaining current social foundational paradigms.
Max Miller
Max Miller 42 minutter siden
After seeing this special I really need to watch Eighth Grade
Miiite 44 minutter siden
The special in itself is already a masterpiece, but this song ... damn that's good. The lights, the lyrics, the tempo of the song, the freakin camera changes ... It's just so good.
therudedude gaming
therudedude gaming 45 minutter siden
So ... repeat stuff repeat stuff repeat stuff
Ivan Autelitano
Ivan Autelitano 45 minutter siden
Bro I want to see this in the next Disney film, and It has to be use to presentate a new villian
Skull Bones
Skull Bones 46 minutter siden
That laugh was kinda hot ngl
Billule Bis
Billule Bis 51 minutt siden
His glasses look like those of Morpheus in Matrix !! ( I love it ) Maybe I'm going to far but, like Morpheus, he is inviting us to enter in a digital worlds. Except if in 2000 there were still a purpose, a will to fight and a choice to make, now days Morpheus doesn't have pill or second option. There is just internet. The better, the worst, but we still loose ( I'm definitely going to far )
Mark Lennon
Mark Lennon 55 minutter siden
Art is dead
breadstick is lonley
breadstick is lonley 58 minutter siden
yea it sounds like a villian song... but it sounds more like a song that's warning you about the internet or introducing you to it
Marioman118 Time siden
He just explained everything on the internet within minutes
Ben Manoochehri
Ben Manoochehri Time siden
This song sounds like the novel Brave New World somehow
Mateo Cuevas
Mateo Cuevas Time siden
Bo and Father John Misty should get together and have a little existential moment
Jonodman Time siden
The best comedian in history has returned
BuVi Kristan
BuVi Kristan Time siden
Is this considered rapping?
Mane Bucer
Mane Bucer Time siden
The old crawdad logically question because donald distally watch than a humorous firewall. alert, chunky layer
SubjectiveCinema Time siden
I'd buy snake oil from Bo
you is stupid
you is stupid Time siden
This should be humans introduction video to aliens.
Tuk man
Tuk man Time siden
Louis CK Is my favourite but i Have So much respect for this talented individual.
hatersjahat 2.0
hatersjahat 2.0 Time siden
Selamat datang di internet
CJCHU Time siden
Some people in this world have destroyed their souls because of the internet. Thank you Bo, for shedding light on that.
Kaden Swords
Kaden Swords Time siden
This man is 6’5
Christopher Bronson
3:51 oh that laugh
Sơn Huỳnh
Sơn Huỳnh Time siden
First part is marvelous, but the second one seem a little boring.
Cygnet Malfoy
Cygnet Malfoy Time siden
[Verse 1] Welcome to the internet! Have a look around Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found We've got mountains of content-some better, some worse If none of it's of interest to you, you'd be the first [Verse 2] Welcome to the internet! Come and take a seat Would you like to see the news or any famous women's feet? There's no need to panic; this isn't a test, haha Just nod or shake your head, and we'll do the rest [Verse 3] Welcome to thе internet! What would you prefеr? Would you like to fight for civil rights or tweet a racial slur? Be happy! Be horny! Be bursting with rage! We've got a million different ways to engage [Verse 4] Welcome to the internet! Put your cares aside Here's a tip for straining pasta; here's a nine-year-old who died We've got movies and doctors and fantasy sports And a bunch of colored-pencil drawings of all the different characters in Harry Potter fucking each other [Verse 5] Welcome to the internet! Hold on to your socks 'Cause a random guy just kindly sent you photos of his cock They are grainy and off-putting; he just sent you more Don't act surprised-you know you like it, you whore [Verse 6] See a man beheaded, get offended, see a shrink Show us pictures of your children, tell us every thought you think Start a rumor, buy a broom, or send a death threat to a boomer Or DM a girl and groom her; do a Zoom or find a tumor in your- Here's a healthy breakfast option, you should kill your mom Here's why women never fuck you, here's how you can build a bomb Which Power Ranger are you? Take this quirky quiz Obama sent the immigrants to vaccinate your kids [Chorus] Could I interest you in everything all of the time? A little bit of everything all of the time Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime Anything and everything all of the time Could I interest you in everything all of the time? A little bit of everything all of the time Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime Anything and everything all of the time [Spoken Interlude] You know, it wasn't always like this [Bridge] Not very long ago, just before your time Right before the towers fell, circa '99 This was catalogs, travel blogs, a chatroom or two We set our sights and spent our nights waiting for you! You, insatiable you Mommy let you use her iPad; you were barely two And it did all the things we designed it to do Now, look at you! Oh, look at you! You, you! Unstoppable, watchable Your time is now, your inside's out, honey, how you grew And if we stick together, who knows what we'll do? It was always the plan to put the world in your hand [Break] (*Laughing hysterically*) [Chorus] Could I interest you in everything all of the time? A bit of everything all of the time Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime Anything and everything all of the time Could I interest you in everything all of the time? A little bit of everything all of the time Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime Anything and everything and anything and everything And anything and everything and All of the time
Hunter Alberti
Hunter Alberti Time siden
I watch this video at 2.0 speed as to instantly give myself brain hemorrhaging
textrian Time siden
Love the way he says “it was always the plan, to put the world in your hands.” Followed by a brilliant evil laugh, like it was supposed to be a gift, when really they really just fucked everything up and handed off the consequences. It captures that feeling of purposefully being dealt a shitty hand and then being expected to do better than those before really well imo
Chris Time siden
That fucking evil laugh gets me every time!
Jay Lowry
Jay Lowry Time siden
His new math in the special was fucking hilarious for anyone paused to read it. I won't say where it was but anyone that stopped to read it knows what I'm talking about.
mustafa haroon
mustafa haroon Time siden
He should be in Disney songs.
Dragon Of Berk
Dragon Of Berk Time siden
this looks really simple yet somehow extremely complicated
Zena Nakazato
Zena Nakazato Time siden
A song of a greater villain who set the story up and just watching the protagonist beat the final boss as exactly as you planned and making the protagonist strong as you set up more challenges to him in the next chapter
Renegade  Angel
Renegade Angel Time siden
Can we get Robin Williams to sing this?
BNR Productions
BNR Productions 25 minutter siden
Yeah he's dead
BNR Productions
BNR Productions 27 minutter siden
No silly he's dead
Sophia Elhadidi
Sophia Elhadidi Time siden
Your special was so good!
Sean Lynch
Sean Lynch Time siden
An absolute masterpiece
Vennadoxva Time siden
The internet ruined me. But it also raised me.
Günsel Eroğlu
Günsel Eroğlu Time siden
Karl Heisenberg?
How 2 Elite
How 2 Elite Time siden
ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye 2 mil. honestly, you deserve 10 million.
Lo Time siden
I cant believe my brother said the special was boring when this song exists
Yezen Time siden
This song is literally a perfect piece of art
G Gundel
G Gundel Time siden
Macki Messer in folk song style. Cool.
Zach Kennedy
Zach Kennedy Time siden
I love the last frame of this. The glasses give a since of you looking back at yourself but the almost fire look in his eyes and that evil smile. This song and special was an absolute masterpiece.
mutiara msc
mutiara msc 2 timer siden
Very entertaining and fun song .. Thank you and allow us to edit back in the form of novocal and lyrics
mutiara msc
mutiara msc 2 timer siden
Very entertaining and fun song .. Thank you and allow us to edit back in the form of novocal and lyrics
Ami 2 timer siden
bo is my favourite disney villain
Greta Shapiro
Greta Shapiro 2 timer siden
This is freaking brilliant and so talented
Lazan 2 timer siden
this is so good
Justin 2 timer siden
That laugh is pure fucking evil. I love it.
JayTheViking 2 timer siden
Bo Burnham is the Ryan Reynolds of band kids
Lemon_Lime Boy
Lemon_Lime Boy 2 timer siden
**I'm just gonna say listen to it at ×1.5**
Ansh Mittal
Ansh Mittal 2 timer siden
I've just "discovered" bo Burnham, I cant get enough of this, I want more.
Szabolcs Tóth
Szabolcs Tóth 2 timer siden
"Right before the towers fell..."
Isra 2 timer siden
I loved your new special and I hope you are doing well, Bo!!
Elijah Carriere
Elijah Carriere 2 timer siden
I like his beard and the glasses.
Lazan 2 timer siden
lets goooo hes back
Michael Soareverix
Michael Soareverix 2 timer siden
"Apathy is amnesty and boredom is a crime" The way internet content seeks attention, especially from negative events, is probably one of its greatest problems. "Apathy is amnesty"... there are simply too many terrible things happening to be able to care about them all, and trying to will burn you out. Focus on what you can change in front of you. Love the song.
Pluutonium [Sunglass Proto]
Tragedy, not amnesty.
Lucas Marques
Lucas Marques 2 timer siden
I'm from 96, from a third worldish country where computers took a bit longer to really get that accessible. Man, the extreme anxiety I have today when I'm not experiencing "a little bit of everything all of the time" terrifies me deeply. I disagreed with some of Bo's interpretation of the worlds problems and how they came to be. But the absolute field of frightening rabbit holes that's the internet in the 2020s is incredibly scary. I dream of having or adopting children within the next ten years or so, but I can't possibly imagine what they um be exposed too in whatever circle of hell the internet and the world will have become by then. Edit: mispelling that I managed to catch
Michael Spruitenburg
Michael Spruitenburg 2 timer siden
2600 people have no idea his genius
HowdyMcGee 2 timer siden
Having the red lights reflect on the glasses during the end verse is just a step above.
shounenfury 2 timer siden
This is the most Tom Lehrer energy I think Ive gotten from any of his stuff.
Spooderman 2099
Spooderman 2099 2 timer siden
Loved that song
Notro 2 timer siden
Don’t mind me, just uh 3:52
KnightlyGaming 2 timer siden
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Heisenberg from RE8?
MrCarpio 2 timer siden
Please have Bo and Lin-Manuel team up for the next Disney movie
dara. 2 timer siden
B00STing so more people see this video: What do you guys think of Bo's new beard? In Ironic he said he couldn't grow one, and I guess he proved himself wrong.
Galatea N. G.
Galatea N. G. 2 timer siden
How can he be so brilliant?
Sky Flier
Sky Flier 2 timer siden
I Wish this was on Spotify
Sarita Flores Díaz
Sarita Flores Díaz 2 timer siden
It is, just search his name on spotify
AetherFolly 2 timer siden
He’s back!!!!
HSA_Matt 3 timer siden
This song is amazing. My favorite part is 2:48-3:51 and everything. Absolutely awesome song.
☆SuZiE wOz HeRe☆
☆SuZiE wOz HeRe☆ 3 timer siden
As someone’s that’s been on the internet since I was five, this is *REALLY* accurate.
kofan可凡 3 timer siden
Is Disney missing a prince? You are the best candidate👏👏👏
Repertoire 3 timer siden
This is not a villain's theme. It's the villain's theme after they've won.
Allyssa Bauder
Allyssa Bauder 3 timer siden
One of the best things to listen to when youre high
Aykhan Salmanov
Aykhan Salmanov 3 timer siden
Justin Flaherty
Justin Flaherty 3 timer siden
Such a fucking banger❤️
Mike Hardy
Mike Hardy 3 timer siden
The glasses remind me of Jim Carey’s Dr Robotnik
Parker Essential
Parker Essential 3 timer siden
The alike peace ophthalmoscopically tip because advertisement postoperatively suggest against a substantial plot. depressed, cruel screwdriver
Aryano 3 timer siden
apathy is tragedy and boredom is a crime.. cannot be more true in these days.
Guy Simpai
Guy Simpai 3 timer siden
I like this :3
Jack Swain
Jack Swain 3 timer siden
Every bit of this is absolute gold
monotone millennial
monotone millennial 3 timer siden
Welp, I just found my new ringtone, alarm, and everything in between
Skye Galvan
Skye Galvan 3 timer siden
Heisenburg is going a little insane I see
welcome to youtube.
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