World's Best Post Scorer asked for a final $1000 wager, and I accepted. 

Ganger 1,1 mill
98% 38 000 582

Remember PostHooking? For the last 6 months he has relentlessly clout chased off my name and it was time to stand my ground and attempt to put a stop to it, once and for all. This was our $1000 end-all wager in NBA 2K21. Grab your snacks, sit back, relax and enjoy one of the greatest shows you will ever see.


Twitter: therealtyceno
Instagram: therealtyceno



18. des.. 2020





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Tyceno 5 måneder siden
Remember this is all for entertainment at the end of the day - don't take things out of hand. Love y'all, more varied content coming soon !
BigFlexx Yahheard
BigFlexx Yahheard 4 måneder siden
Can I run wit u I’m a 96 overall glass cleaner on current gen
golden gamer
golden gamer 4 måneder siden
I love how he goes "lets go chat" after he wins like it takes skill the post score is trash
IMCLAMPX 5 måneder siden
I smiled sooo hard from this
Michael Turner
Michael Turner 5 måneder siden
I already beat him got the sc
TyPod 5 måneder siden
Banger video post more please
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 7 timer siden
We’re just gonna ignore that tyceno hit ss2 at the beginning of the video?
Kellen Reich
Kellen Reich 2 dager siden
Kris pass faked and ty said niceee😂
Kellen Reich
Kellen Reich 2 dager siden
If kris wasnt delayed they would have washed “spencer”
Snagalot 2k
Snagalot 2k 6 dager siden
we not gonna talk about how he repped up with no reaction at the beginning
Blaze Us
Blaze Us 6 dager siden
why tyceno always yellin bro be hurtin my ears
Supremejjq 7 dager siden
Can't be a Spencer icarly is golden he ant evan a chad bruh
Bradford Barling
Bradford Barling 9 dager siden
Bro those zens are cheating hands down. It's ruining the game
JayJ reacts
JayJ reacts 11 dager siden
He hit ss1 and just ignored it 😂🤣
Matthew-Minecraft and More
why is every tyceno intro getting more and more sexual looking 😂
Moe 13 dager siden
This man dressed so nice just to hold a controller.
kkk means ku klux klan
James Donnelly
James Donnelly 12 dager siden
Senpai Samツ
Senpai Samツ 14 dager siden
someone in the chat said “fading takes no skill post hooking you at least have to aim” 💀😂
Gus Kossatz
Gus Kossatz 14 dager siden
i actually hat post hooking man hes just oml
Cold- 21 dag siden
I play on a zen 😄
L oh L
L oh L 24 dager siden
I love seeing ads on a tyceno vid, means bro is getting the bag he DESERVES
EpikMurk 27 dager siden
The Dnice
The Dnice Måned siden
It can’t be Snagz
Hello Bro
Hello Bro Måned siden
Is it me, or does Tyceno lowkey look like Anthony Davis...
Cooh Evan
Cooh Evan Måned siden
He repped up and didn’t care
Tyree Davis
Tyree Davis Måned siden
The fact that before the wager he hit ss1 never knew that would ever happen
big 1m
OVTM Mumicoo
OVTM Mumicoo Måned siden
tycenos adopted son its tycenos clout he can't be happy that he got all of his off tyceno Also Posthooking never left he still here
Dreko 6K
Dreko 6K Måned siden
"just hold the bowl just hold the bowl"
Braylentheballer Måned siden
Tyceno you are the Michael Jordan of Wagers
Rowan Fenner
Rowan Fenner Måned siden
Casually hits superstar
Kvng Selmir
Kvng Selmir Måned siden
Bruh the end had me dyin had to watch this video again 😭😭🤣🤣
Splashhh_3711 Måned siden
What’s kkk
Rs Will
Rs Will Måned siden
When he said my name is not spencer was mad funny
DattKidd Casparr
DattKidd Casparr Måned siden
54:47 mans a demon
BLOO SCOPZE Måned siden
Tyceno won
Vlone_wrld0 Måned siden
He really do this
Leriv Shelli
Leriv Shelli Måned siden
"Just hold the ✨Bol✨ Hold the ✨Bol✨"
xDilez Måned siden
what logo is that i have never seen it
Kev Smooth
Kev Smooth Måned siden
Y’all. Called him the best post hooker? Nah I am way better than him he simply had one move and post hook like there’s so many moves you can do to get open and distract your man to post hook oh hell nah he was ass. Y’all love curry slide but hate post hook ain’t that a bitch huh?
Raged Rocketchu
Raged Rocketchu Måned siden
need teammates like this in park
LastNameCook Måned siden
Only post I fw is givenchy
Yoyo Måned siden
Idb1106 Måned siden
Tyceno reped up and be didn’t even say anything
Jahshshdhdgsh Måned siden
Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins repent and turn to Christ .
Keelan from nodge gc wow this
He hit ss1 in this video and i havent seen anyone point it out.
Forgive shootz
Forgive shootz Måned siden
Gavon Wise
Gavon Wise Måned siden
Post hooking so slow bro
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson Måned siden
Tyceno throwing hard😭
CallMeBic Måned siden
Malik Allen-Bey
Malik Allen-Bey Måned siden
he had to have a zen or some lol
You can't use zens on post hooks
Jack Hillier
Jack Hillier Måned siden
Right before game 1 tyceno casually just hits ss1 with no reaction 😂
Tydebo’s Great Grandson
Tydebo’s Great Grandson 2 måneder siden
Is this young narrow?
StoryOfHalo 2 måneder siden
21:08 💀
I Make 3’s
I Make 3’s 2 måneder siden
No one at all: Not a single soul: Tyceno: just casually hits SS1 before a $1000 dollar wager
Nx9 Astro
Nx9 Astro 2 måneder siden
The Hook is patch 🤣🤣
George Steverson
George Steverson 2 måneder siden
27:50 Some cop watching: Tf did I do 😐
Darnell Shortland
Darnell Shortland 2 måneder siden
Full white or mistimed?? You ain’t got shot meter on so there’s no full whites
ItsGary 2 måneder siden
if tyceno misses it’s a full white.
Reality LBF
Reality LBF 2 måneder siden
dude he was literally using a zen and switching back and forth
Reality LBF
Reality LBF 2 måneder siden
dude he literally used a zen on the long ones and not in the ones right next to the goal
Demarcus Johnson
Demarcus Johnson 2 måneder siden
Cameron bower
Cameron bower 2 måneder siden
29:39 is some like transformers music😂😂
UncleLxster 2 måneder siden
post drew is better
DONTMINDME 2 måneder siden
Hold the bowl
H 2 måneder siden
The dislike cuz of the intro
Gstar Legends
Gstar Legends 2 måneder siden
Those likes were haters😤
Bertil Jessen
Bertil Jessen 2 måneder siden
POV: your name is Spencer 😭😭
Avoid_ Rush
Avoid_ Rush 2 måneder siden
What does KKK
Connor Wright
Connor Wright 2 måneder siden
So where has tyceno been in the last 3 months since??
Nicholas Gvelesiani
Nicholas Gvelesiani 2 måneder siden
say what you want, my boy spencer was playing 2v1
RAIZEN MAZIKU 2 måneder siden
that self proclaimed good post score should have had controller cam on. he was probably using a zen
legendary unknownxant
legendary unknownxant 2 måneder siden
What kkkk
Simos Tsiolis
Simos Tsiolis 2 måneder siden
Where are you man
Obo Cams
Obo Cams 2 måneder siden
12:12 u can tell the pain in his voice
Felicity 2 måneder siden
posthookings is unstoppable in current gen
EBM DJFULLMOON 2 måneder siden
Dude that Candle at the Beginning of you in the Dark looked kinda spicy bro
YSL Akua
YSL Akua 2 måneder siden
posthooking said stop disrespecting buddy your build is why your disrespected
mactribe_08 2 måneder siden
Nobody is going to talk about him hitting SS1 with no reaction
Colin Nguyen
Colin Nguyen 2 måneder siden
I can streamsnipe in any game as well, just cause it's allowed doesn't mean its :) respected
Aayaan Lalani
Aayaan Lalani 2 måneder siden
Who watching for the millionth time I’m freaking late march
Kaden Brown
Kaden Brown 2 måneder siden
what does kkk mean
Kaden Brown
Kaden Brown 2 måneder siden
nevermind it memans kool kids klub
xforgivemal__ 2 måneder siden
All u do is fade ur ass
xforgivemal__ 2 måneder siden
U are ass Tyceno u just shoot fade away’s all game
This British kid just said on god😭
Bryan Gianinazzi
Bryan Gianinazzi 2 måneder siden
Please Ty can you make a full video on your animations? Like updated yo what are you actually using right now? I’m a huge fan! Following you from Switzerland.
xxuted 2 måneder siden
kris is the type of teammate everyone should have he’s so calm
Eric Whitehead
Eric Whitehead 2 måneder siden
Yo bruh.... The strikepacks and/or Zens DEF work on post hooks. He's like one of probably 500+ cheating bigs. I'm not going in to play shots n sharpshooters..... Aiming is supposed to move not lock dead center w ZERO movement
Diego Avila
Diego Avila 2 måneder siden
People still play this
Mr- DyinBreed
Mr- DyinBreed 2 måneder siden
This dude such a nerd 😭
Jose Polanco
Jose Polanco 2 måneder siden
Not judging but how u get fun throwing hook shots all game like bro🤣🤣🤣
SimplyyJohn 2 måneder siden
So were just not gonna talk about how tyceno hit ss1 and had no reaction 🤣
CadenTheeGoat 2 måneder siden
Tyceno sold so much 😭
Antonia Panuelo
Antonia Panuelo 2 måneder siden
i think people should name zeners zenderman
Jorge Gil
Jorge Gil 2 måneder siden
Bro why did you guys keep giving him the ball???
Ill-soapZ 2 måneder siden
Ngl tyceno got bailed a lot but so did post hooking
That Weather Guy
That Weather Guy 2 måneder siden
So no one talking about tyceno stepping out of bounds 54:26
beast- Hype-_-
beast- Hype-_- 2 måneder siden
It’s funny how he didn’t even care he hit ss1
K3 LTO 2 måneder siden
Mann , stop all that damn sceaming wtf 😂😂
Hxnch o gawd
Hxnch o gawd 2 måneder siden
he just hit ss1 and didn’t even care😂
Izaiah Ciampanella
Izaiah Ciampanella 2 måneder siden
Imagine crying over a build
Imdevious 2 måneder siden
The fact he hit ss1
Braddock Coleman
Braddock Coleman 2 måneder siden
Kris brings some of the best energy
The lil MUT
The lil MUT 2 måneder siden
Kris 54:48😂😂😂
Itz Austin
Itz Austin 2 måneder siden
For anyone who has next gen is it worth it? i can get it but idk it seems kinda comlicated