Korean Soul Sings an AMAZING Cover of "All My Life" - America's Got Talent 2021 

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WOW! Korean Soul might surprise you with this cool rendition of "All My Life" by K-Ci \u0026 JoJo.
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Korean Soul Sings an AMAZING Cover of "All My Life" - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent



8. juni. 2021





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Sara Israel
Sara Israel 4 minutter siden
try as you may but there is no real feeling when you steal a culture
Issha Concha
Issha Concha 6 minutter siden
They're voice is better than the BTS
Adarsh Anilkumar.
Adarsh Anilkumar. 11 minutter siden
korean 1D
Mark Jestoni Garcia
Mark Jestoni Garcia 16 minutter siden
yeah this
Afriyie O. Dankwa
Afriyie O. Dankwa 16 minutter siden
I've been loving their Carpool renditions since Covid-19 began. First heard them on the song "Laughter feels good just like a Medicine" with Bébé Winans! They are golden💯💯💯💯💯🔥
Edna Ladra
Edna Ladra 17 minutter siden
They are amazing. The harmony is beautiful.
Angela Cabrera
Angela Cabrera 20 minutter siden
I Absolutely love them ❤️❤️❤️
Steven Pilagan
Steven Pilagan 22 minutter siden
Bravo bravo 👏👏👏👏👏
C Tine
C Tine 23 minutter siden
What if BUDAKHEL 's join. 🤔 Kidding 👋😁. I'm just imagining 😅
보라카이수리boracay suri
We are proud !! Congratulations 👏
보라카이수리boracay suri
축하드립니다 자랑스럽습니다
Zainab Ibrahim
Zainab Ibrahim 25 minutter siden
They are really good.
Tasia Sakuntala
Tasia Sakuntala 27 minutter siden
What a great voice and group👍👍Succees to Korean Soul👍👍👍❤❤
Afriyie O. Dankwa
Afriyie O. Dankwa 27 minutter siden
Yay! I've known them for a long time. Their beautiful renditions!
Khary Chang
Khary Chang 35 minutter siden
I love watching vids like this. They remind me of Collabro, who went on to win their season. Talented, passionate, memorable. I hope they do well ❤
fi wu
fi wu 35 minutter siden
Constancenella Newton
Constancenella Newton 35 minutter siden
Congratulations guys!! The Best Is Yet To Come🥰💯
exo samo
exo samo 35 minutter siden
الاوبا إلي لابس بنطلون ابيض صوته خطفني..😭💜
predoc imcompleted
predoc imcompleted 35 minutter siden
자랑스럽다. 쭉쭉 치고나갑시다.
Den Den
Den Den 37 minutter siden
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this deserved the Golden Buzzer!
Constancenella Newton
Constancenella Newton 38 minutter siden
That’s right Simon!! Take it allll in👏👏👏
kenadi 39 minutter siden
story of my life in the background ❤️
Constancenella Newton
Constancenella Newton 39 minutter siden
OMG!! I missed this 4 days ago!! My dudes 💯🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️
leyte nyosTV
leyte nyosTV 49 minutter siden
wow amazing harmonies
Mary Luchies
Mary Luchies 53 minutter siden
Awww go boys ❤️❤️❤️
Jessille Maquiling
Jessille Maquiling 54 minutter siden
They are really awesome 🥺
Leo Degas
Leo Degas Time siden
You're not Korean Soul, your Soul. 😉 PS, I watched it twice. I think you should do an original next. ✌️
Kevaughn Nugent
Kevaughn Nugent Time siden
2:38 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
lily Dim
lily Dim Time siden
Repeat xd🙈
seventh child
seventh child Time siden
K-ci and Jojo Classic 1998 R&B Tune. Korean people love to copy African American Style/Music and Dancing. Now they are gonna keep dropping them on this show. GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE!
Gby R
Gby R Time siden
🙋‍♀️👏👍from Romania!
M. G.
M. G. Time siden
BTS Vante
BTS Vante Time siden
Oh my gosh! They’re so amazing, I love their voice:)
DenLou TV
DenLou TV Time siden
Koreans are now extraordinary when it comes to entertainment and talent!! Supeeeerb korean soul 👏👏👏
Ins Officials
Ins Officials Time siden
오빠...... 진짜 대박
babyizza Time siden
WAUW!!! You better singgggg
J B Time siden
Korean Soul vs T.3🤔
Marc Yeo Tech Review
Super amazing 👏👏👏
Count Duku
Count Duku Time siden
Nice !...But listen to Kci & Jojo if you want dem chills 🙏🏽
Strawberryvelvy Time siden
Can’t stop listening to this part 1:31
Anne Maranan
Anne Maranan Time siden
Soothing to the soul. Wow
Mary The Wanderer
Aaliyah Lafleur
Aaliyah Lafleur Time siden
100th time watching and I still get gooseys😱😌
MISS Q Time siden
So amazing! I love the chemistry and collaboration of the song BRAVO!
petrichor nd star
omg, i was shocked with one direction's background sound, already miss them again
Catherine Tong
Catherine Tong 2 timer siden
Soooo insync! ❤❤❤
Lizette Baylon
Lizette Baylon 2 timer siden
Amazing!! Beautiful voices. I’ll be rooting for Korean Soul! Fighting!
markseph 27
markseph 27 2 timer siden
JasYP 2 timer siden
Omg got goosebumps!!!!!! Yep. I SUBSCRIBED😭♥️♥️♥️
Angelo Vergara
Angelo Vergara 2 timer siden
BTS who???!!! These guys are real singers. Not just some pretty boys. Hope they make it big. They were amazing!
Jany Pereira Barbosa
Jany Pereira Barbosa 2 timer siden
Quê vozes!!harmonização quase perfeita 🤩🤩🤩🤩👏👏👏👏
Arie Hart
Arie Hart 2 timer siden
You guys...well deserved world stage...😍😍😍😍😍
Ahh_Cheng Zeuz
Ahh_Cheng Zeuz 2 timer siden
Keresi Otterbech
Keresi Otterbech 2 timer siden
Wow amazing 😍😍😍 can really hear the soul in their voices ❤️
Jonext Episode
Jonext Episode 2 timer siden
Next ⭐ in korea👍
obi one
obi one 2 timer siden
They kiiiiled it wow
Ian Louis repaso Arsolon
Woah 🔥🔥
Daichness 2 timer siden
I got chills all over my body! Teary eyed! oh my God! I love you guys!
xed rivera
xed rivera 2 timer siden
besttt so far they have beautiful voice
Lodi Thol
Lodi Thol 2 timer siden
Wow they are amazing🔥
Mervin Bales
Mervin Bales 2 timer siden
Awesome performance. .
Kill Bill
Kill Bill 2 timer siden
I think they are more in RNB not POP. But this gave me chills 💕💕💕 Love them!
Alexus Hendrickson/ 韩丽心
I love the harmonics! They sound like they’re a group of 20 guys singing and you can differentiate the different harmonics. The diction and dynamics are incredible as well. Keep up the amazing work!
Hubert Adolfo
Hubert Adolfo 2 timer siden
I’m a filipino They say we have this thinking of appreciating people’s reaction more than the singers themselves But for this group all I did was listen to them I didn’t even notice the screams of the audience until the the time when I watch it again and again and again Can’t get enough Love it guys Do u love this performance too?
Mervie Khongsngi
Mervie Khongsngi 2 timer siden
Oh my goodness their English accent it's too go n their voice is just wow 🥰🥰
Kalli Steinbarge
Kalli Steinbarge 2 timer siden
That soul hits you hard
Kennedy Finarlet
Kennedy Finarlet 3 timer siden
Simon ;NXT boy group to wait....
Gregoriana B. Flora C. Lasar
Talen Hombing
Talen Hombing 3 timer siden
I never boring hear this song💃💃🌟🌟
Pear Jun
Pear Jun 3 timer siden
they are not even singing it in their native language bruh
Aaron Jordan
Aaron Jordan 3 timer siden
One Direction, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, 4th Impact, and now Korean Soul. Simon just found his 5th mega star group.
Om my goodness
Ladosligese 3 timer siden
annnd its live .. wth :D .. just proves it .. someone does something .. an asian comes along does it better
Ley Ley
Ley Ley 3 timer siden
THE goosebumps!!!!
Vee v
Vee v 3 timer siden
Loved them on carpool karaoke 1 year ago,just saw,they are the "real deal"amazing!!😍🤩😎💋🙌👱‍♀️👀
Aileen Datay
Aileen Datay 3 timer siden
Amazing, sounds American singers...
Vali Chepillo
Vali Chepillo 3 timer siden
Savi 3 timer siden
I luv luv luv this performance! 💜 I would definitely buy the recorded version of this arrangement.
Claire Pardillo
Claire Pardillo 3 timer siden
So love it....i can feel the heart of korean soul.. more songs please.. thank you
Vee v
Vee v 3 timer siden
Korean soul is dar v enter than bts,bts look like girls,maybe they are.korean soul dress, look and sound like real men,classy all the way,and great song choice. I bet these guys will get a record deal,and hope they get appearances on late night talk,and other shows,they are a diamond in the rough!!
Jon Snow-Targaryen
Jon Snow-Targaryen 3 timer siden
They are amazing!!!!!!
Marsha HT
Marsha HT 3 timer siden
Always a fan of Korean Soul, 👍🏼 Glad to see you on AGT!
ML Salcedo
ML Salcedo 3 timer siden
Best cover ❤️ hope you have a studio version 😍
Peni Lomu
Peni Lomu 3 timer siden
Nice nice❤️
Faith Thomas
Faith Thomas 3 timer siden
OMSAG ( oh my stars and garters )
Mohd azlan
Mohd azlan 3 timer siden
Kathryn Abineri
Kathryn Abineri 3 timer siden
Amazing voices and harmonies . I hope these guys become the pop stars they dream too be.
Jack Ginuhang
Jack Ginuhang 3 timer siden
Simon heavy bump means...it's was just ok.
Menna Kidane
Menna Kidane 4 timer siden
Shytama 4 timer siden
Angel Mercado Castillo
This is my first time seeing Korean singing in that kind of style. Without dancing. I mean. It's like a Westlife style. ♥️
faithful31us 4 timer siden
I might watch the whole season this year
C A 4 timer siden
860 haters
Sharon Schwenke
Sharon Schwenke 4 timer siden
Wow amazing ❤❤
lihatlah dunia
lihatlah dunia 4 timer siden
big hug from Indonesia
Diana Tono
Diana Tono 4 timer siden
Nakaka-in love naman ang synchronization ng mga boses nila..👍👏💞
Jessy Janopol
Jessy Janopol 4 timer siden
Shet ang ganda huhu sarap tenga nung pagkanta nila.
clang clang Garfield
clang clang Garfield 4 timer siden
Korean soul sings better than BTS ✌️
Anna Sulviana
Anna Sulviana 4 timer siden
I suddenly remember Westlife. Do u? 🤣🤣
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