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25. mai. 2021





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1Rod1ReelFishing 18 dager siden
NEW VID COMING TOMO EVENING!!! You WON’T BELIEVE what I find in a public park! 🎣😅
The Judge
The Judge 41 minutt siden
@David idc about thouse bugs plus I don't drive. Cicatias are sacride and don't deserve to die you dumbass so change your opinion before you get attacked please Ive started wars in comment sections so just do it change
David 2 timer siden
@Supernice J wtf!!! I didn’t realize everyone is such indoor pussies!!!! I’m glad you vaginas don’t get to stop me from fishing with minnows and shiners or hunting doves and wild turkeys or whit tail deer. Y’all are soft as baby shit.
David 2 timer siden
@met gaming it’s a freaking bug!!!!! It’s food for snakes, fish, frogs, turtles, birds..... all kinds of critters eat em. Why is everyone all the sudden so soft????? If you saw me fishing with minnows or gold fish your would probably start cutting yourself and get therapy.... dove season is lots of fun and good eating. Do you not eat meat???? Do you not drive or use vehicle transportation???? How many bugs do you think cars kill???? Instead of saying oh no he killed a bug..... why don’t you say .... oh cool.... he helped a fish..... there’s so many of them...... I bet they are hungry and have trouble competing for food!!!!!!
David 2 timer siden
@harriet randall it’s a bug!!!!!! If you saw me trying to fish with minnows or gold fish you would probably try to kill me to protect my bait!!! What’s wrong with people!!!!
David 2 timer siden
@Lucid Gameing you kids are growing up soft as paper dolls.
John Doe
John Doe 51 minutt siden
Alien abductions be like:
My Peep's
My Peep's Time siden
Idiots of tic tock! Destroying nature for views ! Guess what idiot there protect by law Now they have a video of you Committing a crime lol 😂 Yup forwarded to fish and Game Wildlife Division , Another world’s Dumbest Criminal.
Benjamin Benny
Benjamin Benny Time siden
Jack a. S
Miguel Orozco
Miguel Orozco Time siden
Recuerden niños, no agarren insectos bajo ninguna circunstancia
N.A.P CLIPS Time siden
Brave as hell just straight up grab the bug no hesitation
Mr. Draco
Mr. Draco 2 timer siden
*you already know in cicada language when he got tossed he yelled “Biiiiiiiiiitch”*
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 2 timer siden
I didn’t see it because I missed it
David 2 timer siden
Ok..... all you hypocrite bug lovers can just stop using motor vehicles cause they kill the shit out of bugs. You guys are a bunch of air conditioned crybaby vaginas!!! I never seen such a group of crybaby pussies in my whole life..... it’s a fkn bug!!!!! It’s critter food. It’s bait!!!!!! I’m glad you crybabies can’t stop me from dove hunting, turkey, rabbit, and deer hunting..... fishing with live bait like minnows, shiners, and gold fish. I hope every one of you gets the privilege of rescuing and cultivating the strongest colony of crab lice this earth has ever seen. And don’t you dare fkn kill the poor little crab lice!!!!!!!
David 2 timer siden
1ROD...... I hope you find my comment and pin it to the fkn top!!!!!
David 3 timer siden
Wasn’t expecting this much anthropomorphism in the comments section. And everyone is the cicada for some reason???? Do you guys suppose that says something about a general defeatist mentality among NOsections Viewing members of the public????? I want to be the happy fish. Everyone else sees sacrificial cicada side of death and misfortune. It’s a bug y’all. It’s fish, frog, turtle, snake, and bird food.
Daisuke Jigen
Daisuke Jigen 3 timer siden
David 3 timer siden
Pshhhhh....... you bunch of sissies!!!!! Squish a bug and laugh.... you kill thousands of them with your car. Freaking babies. Get a pet snake and feed it live mice for fun. Go hunting. Damn. It’s a freakin bug yall!!!!! He made that bluegills day!
Love olover wood
Love olover wood 3 timer siden
I am so happy we don’t have these in Oklahoma
Joanna 3 timer siden
Imagine waiting 17 years underground just to be fed to a fish...
Ch£shireRat 3 timer siden
I can handle just about any fear you through at me, but my number one fear is cicadas because when I was 4 one flew in my hair (mind you this was when it used to be curly) and would not gtfo. Then the same thing happened while I was fishing 2 years later. Seeing you grab that thing- I tensed up.
Ch£shireRat 2 timer siden
@Joanna "This bitch got jokes". Nah, I can't do it. Gimme a wasp any day
Joanna 3 timer siden
Me, a Cicada Lover: "So anyways, I started Blasting"
covenant05 3 timer siden
Cicadas translation: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk......
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 4 timer siden
Translation: HEY. LET. GO!
downbey 258
downbey 258 4 timer siden
Dude c'mon he waiting 17ish years just for that.
Jordan Wise
Jordan Wise 4 timer siden
That cicada had no idea what just happened
Leo MarBel
Leo MarBel 5 timer siden
People who said this 'natural' or 'just the cycle of life' needs to get their heads checked. What part of this is natural or meaningful? This guy's just doing it for entertainment. Note that these are wild animals, not pets. The fishes doesn't benefit the human in any way except for his ugly sense of humor.
David 3 timer siden
Lamo!!! Geez.... loosen up and squish a bug. It’s fun. You kill thousands of them with your car.
theRedhood24 5 timer siden
The other insect doesn't realise how lucky it is that it isn't a cicada
you ruined that cicadas life :c
George Josiah
George Josiah 6 timer siden
The cicada is like "Dude, why you gotta do me like this? 😥"
Corzappy 6 timer siden
Cicada: Just chilling This dude: *Im about to turn natural selection into personal selection*
The Kilted Veteran
The Kilted Veteran 6 timer siden
Cicadas hurt like Hell when you are going 70 down a highway on a motorcycle. It is also where I found out they taste bad.
Cokky Bear
Cokky Bear 6 timer siden
Cicada : fak yu human Fish : hehe boiiiiii
ThotNos 8 timer siden
Cicada: nothing Him: WHATS 17 MORE YEARS
The Society Of Bruh
The Society Of Bruh 8 timer siden
Holy shit those bitches did not wait around.
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez 8 timer siden
Maldito asesino
BeachBum Paradice
BeachBum Paradice 9 timer siden
This dude has pet fish
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 9 timer siden
Me, a Cicada Lover: "So anyways, I started Blasting"
uwu_owo 9 timer siden
Imagine just chilling with ur friend then a big monster come and grab you then feed you to the other monster
Robert Talbert
Robert Talbert 9 timer siden
ForgetGutz 10 timer siden
This nigga just murdered the cicada for a tik tok....🤣
LordWhatsHisName 10 timer siden
Bro, mans was just chilling
Faul Sname
Faul Sname 10 timer siden
Future generations will interpret this cicada as a Christ-like figure.
Pempem2.0 10 timer siden
You do realize the cicada waited 15 years if not 17 to come out of the ground for one week you just grab her and toss it to the fish, they only get to do that once and you kill his One in a lifetime opportunity god job 🦹‍♂️
1Rod1ReelFishing 10 timer siden
I’ve killed over 9,000 😈😈
EmltrxN 10 timer siden
Robinmonster 1
Robinmonster 1 11 timer siden
What hapeded to ur thumb
Isaac Ball
Isaac Ball 11 timer siden
Yea, that's what brim do. They will attack anything you throw in the water. Nothing special here
Неоновый Анонимус
SeztoGaming 11 timer siden
Because fuck the cicada I guess
Night bot
Night bot 12 timer siden
Imagine just fucking grabbing a cicada like damn cuz he just vibin
1Rod1ReelFishing 12 timer siden
Stay mad bro 😎
Mixed Martial Nutrition
12k fucktards are disconnected from nature
1Rod1ReelFishing 12 timer siden
Nature deez nuts 🤡
Fanficlover 12 timer siden
Wow...I don't know what to say.
Fanficlover 11 timer siden
I hope it does.
1Rod1ReelFishing 12 timer siden
Ur silence says it all 😏
Chipping Pixels
Chipping Pixels 12 timer siden
Damn.. took them almost 20 years just to get eaten by fish
Martin Linet
Martin Linet 12 timer siden
Cicada : chilling Him :,,So you have chosen.. Death"
Gerson Rocha
Gerson Rocha 12 timer siden
Hunter N. Biden
Hunter N. Biden 12 timer siden
I do the same thing when I find unattended children at the dock.
Paljor 13 timer siden
Rip cicada
BROWARD CHAZ 14 timer siden
These comments have me on my ass 😭😭 I’d imagine the fish love them
Z Gordon
Z Gordon 14 timer siden
Guy: cicada go in the water Cicada: WHY MEEEEEEEE 🤣🤣🤣
吳晨瑨 14 timer siden
He... he catches cockroaches with his bare hands? ! ! ? ? ! ? !
Erik James
Erik James 14 timer siden
Yeah. They think they're grasshoppers. That and they've literally been eating locusts their whole lives so... Excellent bait! Reminds me of childhood. Catching my own hoppers and digging my own worms.
Tai Hung
Tai Hung 14 timer siden
This guy sacrifices the bug for the fishes to eat, that's dark. 😂
Imfrom Fallout
Imfrom Fallout 14 timer siden
Cicada: I have finally seen light but at what cost
Trine Lund Niegel
Trine Lund Niegel 15 timer siden
romethegamer the 3rd
romethegamer the 3rd 15 timer siden
The fact it screamed when it was tossed to the water was something
dohc1974 16 timer siden
Is it pronounced C-key-duh or seh-ka-da?
martin edwards
martin edwards 17 timer siden
now we have to find a way to throw a trillion of them in the water
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 17 timer siden
Why just why
caminam 14 timer siden
@Jonathan Perez one cicada doesnt matter to the literal billions who come out of the ground
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 15 timer siden
@caminam did you they are helpful to the environment and also helpful to our trees not because there invasive just think of it they live for almost a decade underground and yet after one month they get eaten or die
caminam 15 timer siden
they are invasive. the less the marrier
Purity CE
Purity CE 17 timer siden
Pretty sure fish go crazy for anything edible that falls into the water.
MR. RED 17 timer siden
Damn... Feel bad for the cicada
caminam 15 timer siden
dont lmao
Yumi Sofia Hime Sison
Yumi Sofia Hime Sison 17 timer siden
Me when I saw the cicada or whatever the spelling is: AHHHH IPIS IPIS AHHHH
Itzvexo Fan
Itzvexo Fan 17 timer siden
Cicada CHOOSE YOU! Fish does a bite attack “it was a critical hit” (That was alot of damage) Cicada (what ever you call it) died by a group of fish
L U K E F I L M S 18 timer siden
Picks up cicada sacrifice to fish
Myron 18 timer siden
Their blue gill. You coulda thrown a cigarette in the water and they woulda ate it
GFUSE 18 timer siden
햐옹 18 timer siden
Hey ,, he just woke up after 7 years sleeping
caminam 15 timer siden
fucker wasnt ready HAHAHA
Holden Andrews
Holden Andrews 18 timer siden
Why does your thumb have foreskin
caminam 15 timer siden
im circumcised on my thumbs
てぃす 19 timer siden
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 19 timer siden
We should pick this dude up and throw him into a pool a sharks and make a tic tok of it 👌🦈
caminam 15 timer siden
its an invasive species dude
WestReno Mtz.
WestReno Mtz. 18 timer siden
Dude, its just an insect
soinu foig
soinu foig 19 timer siden
“Spent 17 years under ground just to spend one day getting my wings out just to be thrown in the water. The first freakin day!”
succubus eater
succubus eater 20 timer siden
Y u kill the anime bug
Destraitor 979
Destraitor 979 20 timer siden
Welcome to de gulag xd
Adam Bronta
Adam Bronta 20 timer siden
cicada: yeeeeahhhh im on Tic toc .. im gonna be famous ..
InkDevil 20 timer siden
The fish recognize him. This was not the first sacrifice.
mostafa rahimi
mostafa rahimi 21 time siden
Poor insect was just resting his ass till you come over and threw it into the water 😂
Smores Blocks
Smores Blocks 21 time siden
ME:Poor insect just tryna live life THIS GUY: Lets feed it to fishies 😶👍
Huntbeast Gaming
Huntbeast Gaming 22 timer siden
Cicada:finally light I haven’t seen it for 14 years yes Him:wanna be in my TikTok Cicada:sure Cicada:why are you grabbing me stop it NO No ! Fish:peace was never a option
N54 NOSHIT 22 timer siden
It was just chilling and you ended it’s life over a TIKTOK vid lmao
caminam 15 timer siden
they are invasive
leafy go pro
leafy go pro 22 timer siden
How a about I grab you and though you I a pool of piranhas
EmltrxN 10 timer siden
How about u shut up and get a cicada farm for yourself? Would you like it?
blewbyboy 23 timer siden
i knew when he grabbed the bug that the comments were gon be wild 😭😭
Łay Ż Jøhn
Łay Ż Jøhn 23 timer siden
Imagine being there just shilling only to become a fish snack by a random guy for views
Inspector Javert
Inspector Javert 23 timer siden
Psycho giant films his homicide on innocent bug
Niponugga 23 timer siden
Why does he have tape on his thumb
Emotionally Illegal 🍹
him: don't blink me: gives distance on my phone in case its a jumpscare 👁🤳🏻
Sometimes animals need to be sacrificed for a tiktok
Hangal Balt
Hangal Balt Dag siden
Proof that humanity is cruel for fame
Hangal Balt
Hangal Balt 9 timer siden
@EmltrxN We just kill them either for fame, or just because we don't like them. That is cruel and unnecessary
EmltrxN 10 timer siden
Killing other beings is cruel?
Anakin Skywalker
Bruh the cicada was gonna die either way don’t speed it up
ыг гыг
ыг гыг Dag siden
Люди до того как придумали страх
Chris Breeden
Chris Breeden Dag siden
So that’s the bug that makes that sound
_tank_ F
_tank_ F Dag siden
Do you know how long it takes for a Cicada to finally emerge out of its cocoon 😂 damn bro.. Rip
sabrina libera
sabrina libera Dag siden
Grading cicadas to fish is my new favourite hobby
pink boi
pink boi Dag siden
Jam_RB Dag siden
whats your name, i need it so i can run the hell away nevermind its a cicada
Anthony Scalio
Anthony Scalio Dag siden
I’m calling PETA
Dean Macka
Dean Macka Dag siden
It took 7 years for that insect to climb up out of the hard earth, and he did that just to make a baby. This fella seen it and sent it to its death within seconds
SentinalSlice Dag siden
Murder! You Murderer! That bug spent 17 years in the ground, only for you to kidnap it and throw it to the fish.
EmltrxN 10 timer siden
How about the millions of chicken that die only for your meal? Isn't it different from killing a single bug?
TAYLORTYLER999 Dag siden
The cicada's a paid actor
MRC Dag siden
Imagine coming out of the ground aft... Oh 9,000 people already wrote that.
The Cat Raised by a Mouse
Ganger 1,7 mill
Ganger 1,7 mill