Record breaking space jump - free fall faster than speed of sound - Red Bull Stratos. 

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Watch the record breaking space jump from 24.2 miles(38.9 km) above the surface of earth by 'Felix Baumgartner'.

The video features the recording from the on-board camera, giving a true and absolute experience of the jump.

It also features a free fall which breaks the sound barrier (speed of sound) at 846 miles/hr or 1361.5 km/hr without the use of any heavy machinery.

Worth watching.
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Copyright owned by Red Bull and GoPro.
All credit goes to Red Bull Stratos.



8. jan.. 2018





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Viswaneedevi Sunnasee
Awesome. A big salute to your courage & achievement.👏👏👏👏
jl5777 2 timer siden
Lee 2 timer siden
Joseph Kittinger is the real hero (person talking to Feilx)
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart 3 timer siden
How does this guy not burn up in the atmosphere
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 timer siden
It seems you haven't realised where he's actually jumped from Michael?
Mr., Fanstastic
Mr., Fanstastic 3 timer siden
If the earth rotates on its axis, then where is the evidence to show that the earth is spinning?
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 timer siden
It seems you haven't realised that the skydive in from a stationary helium balloon from within the earth's atmosphere? The atmosphere moves in conjunction with the rotating earth, so why would you expect to see the earth spinning?
Deante Britton
Deante Britton 4 timer siden
Why they add all that extra technical editing for the GoPro lol
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 timer siden
What 'technical editing' are you referring to? A GoPro camera has a wide-angle lens, which is what has produced the distortions seen in the footage.
Elijah Begley
Elijah Begley 5 timer siden
I have an irrational fear of floating away so there is no way I could ever do this type of thing. Crippling to even watch this guy do this.
Traveller World
Traveller World 5 timer siden
Good thing he didn't vomit in the helmet.
Josh Evans
Josh Evans 6 timer siden
Can anyone explain why his heart rate hit 0 at certain points (especially when he said he was about to pass out)
CompUter 9 timer siden
done subscriber
R. A. vani
R. A. vani 10 timer siden
El 5 IS On Tour
El 5 IS On Tour 12 timer siden
I jumped of the garden wall never cost a penny …that’s what I call a free fall
Daid Zych
Daid Zych 12 timer siden
Imagine if he hits the ground
Jeesica Amora69
Jeesica Amora69 13 timer siden
THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE CU46.UNO NOsections: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SyAYS "HECK" NOsections: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Yücel AKBUGA 13 timer siden
Vay mk
private secury
private secury 15 timer siden
redbull wings 👾
Mike Vlade
Mike Vlade 17 timer siden
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 15 timer siden
Maybe you're not aware, but the word you used in your comment is actually spelled 'congratulations'.
Gravity 18 timer siden
anyone get dat darth vader vibe when he was breathing?😂😂
mincraft g a m e r
mincraft g a m e r 19 timer siden
4:13 I'm coming home now *dies* from fall damage This is a joke dont hate and the I'm coming home part made my eyes water
Jay M
Jay M 20 timer siden
Oh hell no. Even I felt dizzy when I saw him spinning. 😩
JonGabriel Minney
JonGabriel Minney 20 timer siden
3:35 😄 since when did new mexico become the size of earth? you deserve to fall for this b.s. lie.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 20 timer siden
Yes, this skydive was not from space, but from a helium balloon at a height of 24 miles (39 km) in the earth's upper atmosphere. The video uploader has made a mistake to use the word 'space' in the video title and description. And of course, due to the use of GoPro cameras to record the footage, the appearance of the earth has been distorted due to the distorting wide-angle lenses used in the cameras. Regardless, just because the video uploader has used the word 'space' incorrectly, AND the footage has been recorded with distorting GoPro cameras, this doesn't change the fact that the earth is a spherical planet, right JonGabriel?
Thrasher 21 time siden
the view from up there is so beautiful, I wish I can see it
Meher Baba is God in human form
Lance Goodman
Lance Goodman Dag siden
This would be less scary than a base jump in my opinion
lewstone1934 Dag siden
There are 507k people out there who are very naive. The earth doesn't look like this from where he is jumping; it's enormous. You would not see the shape of the world. Even from 70 miles up you just see a tiny part of the huge mass of Africa. The world looks like a giant wall in front of your face. If he was high enough for the world to look like this - he would be a quarter of his way to the moon (65,000 miles) and burnt to a cinder on re-entry. How ridiculous. Notice the lack of countries in his descent - which would be visible if you could see the earth as a globe. Naive people or what !
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
You are correct that from his jump height of 24 miles, the earth wouldn't look anything like it does in the footage. I'm now left wondering though, why you've gone to all this trouble of posting your lengthy comment, yet make no mention of what has specifically caused the earth to appear this way?
MackAttack 0193
MackAttack 0193 Dag siden
How different this would have been if you just see his helmet heating up and a fire completely surrounding the suit, dangerous as hell
MackAttack 0193
MackAttack 0193 Dag siden
@Sailor Man like I said I’m not an expert 😂
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
@MackAttack 0193 When the space shuttle returned to earth from being in orbit, it was hitting the earth's upper atmosphere at around 17,000 miles an hour. This is the speed that it was orbiting at, so I'm not sure why you've used the phrase 'the force pushing the rocket, pushing it through the atmosphere', when the shuttle wasn't actually using it's rocket engines (other than to perform the de-orbit burn)? This skydive was from a stationary helium balloon at a height of 24 miles (39 km) which is from within the earth's atmosphere in the layer known as the stratosphere. (He hasn't actually jumped from space of course). Even though his maximum freefall speed was over 800 miles an hour, this was much too slow for any atmospheric heating to be an issue.
MackAttack 0193
MackAttack 0193 Dag siden
@Sailor Man idk, I see it happen when spaceships enter the atmosphere, but they are propelled usually, so the force pushing the rocket, pushing it through the atmosphere might do it, but I’m not really sure on it, a human compared to a rocket is like a pebble to a mountain, so to me it’s not very clear if it could, need to ask a professional 😂
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
Could that have actually happened?
Laupril Vi
Laupril Vi Dag siden
His heat did just stopped??? Or it was just a malfunction of the rates???😱😱🤔🤔
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
Siphamandla Mthethwa
Why would you do such a risky thing??
Bob Bobson
Bob Bobson Dag siden
Not sure why this is sponsored by redbull, there's no way you're allowed to take heavy stimulants doing stuff like this.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 19 timer siden
@Jussi Eronen I doubt very much that's just water in the cans. Many members of the team would know about this supposed substitution, so the Red Bull company would not want to run the risk for some disgruntled employee to blow the whistle on this deception, causing major embarrassment to the company.
Jussi Eronen
Jussi Eronen 19 timer siden
@Sailor Man Well, the drivers have a very strictly controlled diet and energy drinks are generally unhealthy so I don't think they can drink it, atleast not on an average day. You can often see Red Bull and AlphaTauri drivers drinking from what appears to be a can of Red Bull in front of press but most likely those are just Red Bull cans with water in them for promo.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
@Jussi Eronen What, not at all, or do you mean prior to a race?
Jussi Eronen
Jussi Eronen Dag siden
They own a fricking F1 team too, and I doubt they allow the drivers to actually drink the stuff
Op Con
Op Con Dag siden
Luckiest guy ever
Gayron Underwood
Felix got some big nuts. I would have developed diarrhea kwik, lol..... That suit would have been ruined.... More power to him.
Fish eyed lens all day long....boooo
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
Regardless, the earth is still a spherical planet, right?
Graham Wickens
Graham Wickens Dag siden
you can keep your over pampered billionaires, this is the real deal !!
Dane Bender
Dane Bender Dag siden
when he pulled his parachute, and it didn't open straightaway, it was like he went to say something...... maybe "IT DIDN'T OPEN!!! " OTA, but then it finally opened, what do you guys think? 7:25
sascha weiers
sascha weiers Dag siden
Schon klasse wie hier die Erdkrümmung simuliert wird
Salty Dag siden
Jeff bezos be like: aight imma do this too
Water Gate
Water Gate Dag siden
When someone says jump, only this guy can ask, how high?
jorgetrevilla Dag siden
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
How does distorted footage recorded with a GoPro camera help to disprove that the earth is spherical in shape? At various times in the video, the horizon is actually shown to be a concave line, so does this footage actually prove that the earth can't be flat either?
Flame Rocker Siddharth
hats off to you!great job
Anthony Manalili
flat earthers left the group
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
Not that the earth is flat of course, but is your comment about the flat earthers with regards to the VERY round appearance of the earth in the footage?
jasraj gujaran
jasraj gujaran Dag siden
why we cant see stars above
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
The footage is being shot in bright sunlight. The camera's exposure settings would prevent the faint images of stars from being captured in the footage.
Kevin Earl
Kevin Earl Dag siden
Rocketman scene in that spin "MOMMMMMY...I WANT MY MOMMMY"
desag777 Dag siden
Supporting you idol magnificent jump
Jersey Bro
Jersey Bro Dag siden
How can you not be proud to be an Australian! This is incredible
Jersey Bro
Jersey Bro Dag siden
@Sailor Man that’s quite an observation ..can’t fool you lol
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
@Jersey Bro I see you've yet to edit your first comment again, to reflect the fact that the skydiver is actually from Austria and not Australia?
Jersey Bro
Jersey Bro Dag siden
@Sebastian Nolte I read it wrong dummy it’s 100 degrees here my ph0ne is full of sweat …
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte Dag siden
@Jersey Bro And Red Bull..
Jussi Eronen
Jussi Eronen Dag siden
@Jersey Bro Don't forget Hitler mate, they created him too
namnack Dag siden
While clowning around in space, humanity still had to begin addressing the CO 2 issue, nuclear proliferation, genocide and child prostitution rings. His Judgement Cometh And that Right Soon...
Marisa Elene Nadieja
Well, it is nice but I am not that thrilled because the planet is fried with Fukushima radiation...ionizing radiation..it will take 150 years to clean up Fukushima and half a trillion dollars ...also Hanford Washington has a leak of Plutonium..these isotopes will kill the whole planet and everything on it...it is even more of a risk than this free fall...so why does everyone care about this and not mass extinction and the black out? This is entertainment and fluff...Fukushima was three full nuclear meltdowns and it made contact with ground water. This is just meant to take your mind off of reality...NOsections loves fluff...they can't handle mature content..no offense but people are so proud of him when the entire world is dying. I make videos on the subject...I am a composer...remember what that is?
Sylvia Barboza
Sylvia Barboza Dag siden
Years later and this is still legendary
Gid Owens
Gid Owens Dag siden
Hey this makes elon musk , richard branson, jeff bezos, look lie a buch of PUSSIES
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
Just out of interest, where do you think he's actually jumped from?
שלמה שלייפר
And what if he had to throw up?
Rap Factor
Rap Factor Dag siden
this was not a space jump though. a high altitude jump using a fisheye lens, the moon is in earth atmosphere states Neil Degrasse Tyson.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
There are still a few atmospheric molecules out as far as the moon's orbit, but obviously, it is nothing like the air that we breath in the atmosphere on earth.
שלמה שלייפר
This guy puts Evil Kanival in his back pocket
Giammarco Dal Pont
Giammarco Dal Pont 2 dager siden
Why at some point his heart beat goes to 0?
STREAKS 2 dager siden
he was probly thinking oh god i hope im falling
elias ceder
elias ceder 2 dager siden
let´s go man!
DollarDiego HD
DollarDiego HD 2 dager siden
I felt him when he said it was tough
P Rivadeneira
P Rivadeneira 2 dager siden
This gave me anxiety
Russ 2 dager siden
Jet flies past and hooks his space suit: ..."Hey ,,im going so much slower "
Aryan Maharjan
Aryan Maharjan 2 dager siden
Red Bull does the craziest thing imaginable
Xfinity 21
Xfinity 21 2 dager siden
Radio Rental
MrBoltos 2 dager siden
2121 contact please xD . I die ofcours.
MUFT DR TIPS 2 dager siden
David Gendron
David Gendron 2 dager siden
Oh look at that the earth is round 🤷🏿🤷🏿🤷🏿
p0tent Dag siden
@David Gendron Yes the Earth is a sphere, but this video doesn't prove it because it's a fish eye lens.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 dager siden
@David Gendron Oh dear - it seems english comprehension isn't one of your strong points David, lol. When I said in my first comment 'Yes, the earth is round as you say', how did this convey to you that I'm one of these deluded flat earth believing fools? But what is funny, is that you still haven't realised that it's the wide-angle lenses in the recording GoPro cameras that are responsible for why the earth appears to have THIS much curvature in the footage. The skydive took place from an altitude of 24 miles (39 km) which is from within the earth's upper atmosphere. The jump didn't take place from space of course, as incorrectly referenced in the video title and description by the video uploader. Even from the International Space Stations' orbital height of 250 miles, the earth doesn't feature as much curvature as what's shown in this skydive footage.
David Gendron
David Gendron 2 dager siden
@Sailor Man what's even more funny is why haven't any of you flat Earth people have gone up in the atmosphere to prove your point🤔🤔🤔 y'all got a lot to say without proof... Oh and where is your videos or photos of the edge of the earth?
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 dager siden
@David Gendron So tell me David, what has caused the earth to actually appear concave at various times in the video if it's not due to the distortions caused by the wide-angle lenses used in the GoPro cameras recording the footage?
David Gendron
David Gendron 2 dager siden
@Sailor Man ya really? If you want to say it's a fish eye lense then why isn't he rounded also with the earth? Nice try though🤷🏿
shotbyiso 2 dager siden
so how did he not go floating in space and also how did he not burn up coming back down ?????
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 2 dager siden
a) You can see that he was in a balloon. You cannot go to space with a balloon. You also read in the video itself and also in the description that he jumped from only 24 miles. b) You don't "float" in space. So even from an altitude that counts as "space" he would just fall straight down. The reason why satellites don't fall down is not "they are in space", but "they are in orbit". That means they were accelerated horizontally by a rocket to such a high speed, that they fall around the earth without getting closer to the ground. Watch this: nosections.info/green/ooGCm4uCgKeotdg/video.html So when you see an astronaut on a spacewalk then it only seems that he would "float". Actually gravity pulls on him nearly as down here, but he moves sidways with 28000 km/h. And that high speed is also the reason why objects from orbit burn up on re-entry. Not the re-entry itself.
Lee 2 dager siden
Great job👍👍💪💪💪
Karima Fathi
Karima Fathi 2 dager siden
I wanted to know his feelings about this phenomenal experiment, and the learnt lessons... :)
WheatGod 2 dager siden
This how my grandparents went to school
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez 2 dager siden
Earth is flat. Damn fish eye lens deceiving the masses
Justin Rodriguez
Sailor Man then why persist, have a nice day.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
@Justin Rodriguez Why say 'look it up yourself', when I have just said in my previous comment 'this is what I have already done'? You seem to have VERY poor comprehension skills, but then anybody who actually believes that the earth is flat, is clearly lacking in many cognitive skills.
Abacus Dag siden
@Justin Rodriguez Thanks for proving me right once again.
Justin Rodriguez
Sailor Man just look it up yourself. If not, also cool
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Dag siden
@Justin Rodriguez Why are you so reluctant to answer questions about your precious flat earth? Your lack of answers only serves to illustrate just how little you know about it and how it is supposed to work. You say 'Do your own research', but this is what I have already done, which is why I know for a 100% certainty, that the earth isn't flat. And what's more, it's VERY obvious that it's not. It's a very sad indictment on your cognitive skills that you actually think that it is. Just a word of advice, could I suggest that in future, that you confine your youtube comments to the subject of fixing vehicle engines, as the subject of our spherical planet is not within your realm of understanding. Incidentally, do you tell your friends and family that you actually think the earth is flat, or do you wisely keep this embarrassing belief to yourself?
D-MUNEYDMG 2 dager siden
Soooooo Fake😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 2 dager siden
What is your evidence that this didn't happen? Or which part do you think is "fake" and why?
Singkhiu Abonmai
Singkhiu Abonmai 2 dager siden
Wat is his name
Om Marathe
Om Marathe 2 dager siden
Imagine sending someone into a 'violent spin' just to advertise your cough syrup-like energy drink.
EpicN 2 dager siden
They didn't "send him" he trained for the spins and wanted to break the record
Arkom Surakul
Arkom Surakul 2 dager siden
ผมอณูญาติ ศาลโลก สหประชาชาติ กระสวยอวกาศนาๆชาติให้เซปหัว ไอ้พวกค่าหัว มนุษย์ ใช้ตะข่ายโลก ไปดูกันชาติหน้าเกิดเป็นอะไร เพื่อ ศึกษา เพื่อ โลก เจริญ ขอบคุณ พื้นที่ ยืมส่งข้อมูล
Eric Henry
Eric Henry 2 dager siden
I am glad that they didn't ruin this video with music
Blck Rose
Blck Rose 2 dager siden
I dont even know how many times i watched this. Simply amazing
Pam Ring
Pam Ring 2 dager siden
P, a few things are happening here is great 😌 but we can still go back in a little later this weekend but I’m going out in my house 🏠
Thomas H
Thomas H 2 dager siden
Crazy fact : I was 20 and a waiter at ihop in Roswell nm when they did this jump. One night a large part of their group came in and I waited on them for about 2 hours as they mostly conversed with each other. Once they left I didn’t get a tip and was bummed. They came in a few days later and they realized their wasn’t a gratuity already added on so they gave me $40 extra bucks. Real cool & down to earth people. Also the main guy never came. From what I remember he only went to Starbucks and stayed to himself.
Congratulations!! And keep up the good work !! God bless you all !!
The man with Inflatable knees
I remember watching it at the time and feeling absolutely terrified just looking at the Earth when he stood out on the step. Incredible achievement from all involved. Especially from Felix. The owner of the world's largest testicles.
NoHaxInvolved 2 dager siden
This was extremely amazing to watch !! Had to watch it after hearing of what you'd done yesterday. Looking forward to the continuation of my own skydiving journey !
NoHaxInvolved 2 dager siden
Today I completed cat A and set up my cat B. Never did a tandem before my first solo either so it was a package deal on excitement with license progression and being able to test the confidence I've had on enjoying skydiving. All checks green!
Denise Andrews
Denise Andrews 2 dager siden
The blue-eyed mother-in-law aesthetically coil because stepson correspondingly itch lest a sturdy smell. frequent, amused trip
Xrpuertorican 3 dager siden
Damn. What a trip
IK Khan
IK Khan 3 dager siden
Deutschland GER Paderborn : I was at the work in Restaurant. And i was waiting for Felix Baumgartner jump. But because of bad weather they cancel it. And the the next attempt they said it can be a jump or may be again a delay. But they decide to jump. My heart was beating very fast. And then he jump. Then somebody cry he is stabilized now. This was a happy moment for me and for many like me. God bless you all. I am from Paderborn Germany.
The Shadow
The Shadow 3 dager siden
I wish you could see what I can see, it's FLAT! Notice at 2:45 when the door opens horizon is flat, at 3:35 once it goes to fish eye lens it is now curved. Plus if the surface was moving at 1000 MPH he would have landed miles away from where he did. He should have landed about 52 miles away. Now before you idiots who like to talk about your balls start chiming in remember, you worship NASA, and NASA says it is stationary and non moving. Yes they are on record as making that exact statement. Ok, let the 15th century Copernican masonic fan boys comments begin. Try to think of something original for a change, besides your cat would have rolled everything off the side by now.
Abacus 11 timer siden
@The Shadow I made 5 points, you had a go at two and failed, try again. The sun sets when it is at 0 degrees in your field of view, at your eye-level, but where is the problem with a local 3000 high sun? That for it to reach 0 degrees it would have to be infinitely far away, if you fail to recognize this, your brain is f-ed up beyond repair. And your childish insults say it all.
The Shadow
The Shadow 19 timer siden
@Appl3 YT , I am not the one brainwashing young kids in schools, once again burden of proof is on the antiquated 15th century masonic model. I honestly do not think you are smart enough to look at any actual evidence.
Appl3 YT
Appl3 YT 19 timer siden
@The Shadow flaw of the globe model? Why don't you seek the flaw of your flat earth, there are many of them.
The Shadow
The Shadow 19 timer siden
@Appl3 YT , I honestly do not think you understand what "burden of proof" means. I am not the one making any claims, I am merely pointing out the flawed 15th century antiquated model you are so brainwashed with. Why don't you go up and take pictures, you must be one of the dumbest people online.
Appl3 YT
Appl3 YT 20 timer siden
@The Shadow if you guys intent to prove the flat earth, you would've go up there and took pictures. But no
Eetu Lehtinen
Eetu Lehtinen 3 dager siden
Not gonna lie he got me when his heart rate bpm was at 0
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 3 dager siden
The '0' BPM readout wasn't actually because his heart had stopped beating, lol.
Dexter Thompson
Dexter Thompson 3 dager siden
no pussy footing around. THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!
Dexter Thompson
Dexter Thompson 3 dager siden
branson /bezoz this is the REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dexter Thompson
Dexter Thompson 2 dager siden
@Sailor Man ok it's opinion I suppose. Still mine tho.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 dager siden
@Dexter Thompson Yes, but it seems your opinion in based on a factually incorrect misconception, which means your opinion is of no value whatsoever. Just sayin.
Dexter Thompson
Dexter Thompson 3 dager siden
@Sailor Man tiz not that important, was my opinion. Is all.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 3 dager siden
@Dexter Thompson I hope you didn't think that this skydive from a helium balloon was actually from space in orbit around the earth?
Dexter Thompson
Dexter Thompson 3 dager siden
seriously? Was on the edge of space without a diaper.
Remington 3 dager siden
charles lucas
charles lucas 3 dager siden
Ces records sont idiots
luis g
luis g 3 dager siden
Jose Raul Garcia
Jose Raul Garcia 3 dager siden
Esto sí que es una experiencia única no la tontería que están haciendo Richard Branson y demás ricachones.
Mark Emery
Mark Emery 3 dager siden
So fake
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 dager siden
@Mark Emery Why are you avoiding answering the question? Is it not possible to skydive from a height of 24 miles from the earth's upper atmosphere and record the event with GoPro cameras?
Mark Emery
Mark Emery 2 dager siden
@Sailor Man you are getting veeeery sleeeeepy now
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 dager siden
@Mark Emery Is it not possible for a person to skydive from a helium balloon at an altitude of 24 miles (39 km) in the earth's upper atmosphere and record the event with GoPro cameras? It seems too, you've never other footage that's been recorded with GoPro cameras, that have caused the same distortions as seen in this video, the result of the distorting wide-angle lenses that these cameras use? I'm sorry Mark, but clearly it's YOU that is 'still asleep' if you can't see that this this video shows footage of an actual skydive from a helium balloon at an altitude of 24 miles in the earth's upper atmosphere.
Mark Emery
Mark Emery 2 dager siden
@Sailor Man it has NOTHING to do with the word ”space” it’s just a complete fake if you can’t see it then you are still asleep
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 dager siden
@Mark Emery Just out of interest, if there was no mention made of 'space' in the video title, AND it was explained in the description that the earth's appearance in the footage has been distorted due to the use of GoPro cameras with wide-angle lenses, would you have still posted your 'So fake' comment? Now that you know that the skydive actually took place from the earth's upper atmosphere and NOT from space (as incorrectly referenced by the video uploader) AND that the earth's appearance in the footage looks somewhat 'unreal' due to the use of GoPro cameras with distorting wide-angle lenses, why do you still have the opinion that the skydive never happened and that the footage is fake (cgi)?
Rias Yaz
Rias Yaz 3 dager siden
i could see the earth is flat, and the moon is square
Ahmed 222rb
Ahmed 222rb 3 dager siden
He was only half way to begin astronaut 👌
DMG HUNCHO 3 dager siden
He pass out two times did y’all see his heart rate drop to 0 a couple times must of been a crazy moment for him
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 3 dager siden
The '0' BPM readout was not because his heart had actually stopped beating, lol.
Paradise 3 dager siden
Flat Earth
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 2 dager siden
@Appl3 YT *Oblate
Appl3 YT
Appl3 YT 2 dager siden
Oblate spherical earth
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 3 dager siden
Spherical Earth
Dr Tim O'Shea
Dr Tim O'Shea 3 dager siden
this was as fake as The Hoax. Who do you think was filming all this? Ever think of that? anything free falling that fast would have burned up on re-entry. Hello!
Appl3 YT
Appl3 YT 2 dager siden
He is not fast enough to burn
E. Rose
E. Rose 3 dager siden
"Who do you think was filming all this?" Seriously? Go to 1:58 and find out.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man 3 dager siden
The skydive was NOT from space of course. The video uploader should not have used the word 'space' in the video title and description. He's jumped from a helium balloon at a height of 24 miles (39 km) which is from within the earth's atmosphere in the layer known as the stratosphere. Did it not occur to you to do some 'research' on this skydive before posting your comment? HELLO!
M A 3 dager siden
I would have vomit like a 100 x in my helmet
Javier Bonilla
Javier Bonilla 3 dager siden
This will sound stupid but what about the heat as they come into the atmosphere? Is that higher up?
Appl3 YT
Appl3 YT 2 dager siden
He is not fast enough to burn
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 3 dager siden
It is higher up but that is not even the point. So he jumped from 39 km, things burn up in the area around 80 km. However, even if he would jump from 100 km he would not burn up. That only happen when you slam into the atmosphere with extreme high speed.