The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 2) 

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-Napoleon and Alex on raft © RMN-Grand Palais / Art Resource, NY

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Ian Post - Eminence Landscapes
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Maik Thomas - Bonus Track
Ian Post - Futuristic War
Ian Post - Into The Battle

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Vangelis Aretoulis
Vangelis Aretoulis 18 minutter siden
My suggestions wars Franco prusian war 1871 Greek Revolution of 1821 Russo Japanese war 1904 Balkan wars 1912-1913
Lachlan Miller
Lachlan Miller 21 minutt siden
Get this man to 10 million already
Curcles The Dugong!
Curcles The Dugong! 46 minutter siden
Please make a Ancient rome video.
MasterDecoy 53 minutter siden
"there's still hope for joe biden" haha i nearly died at that one
nightmarionace Time siden
Make a video on qasem soleimani
I_Shustr Time siden
Napoleon would say '' PARFAIT '' if he would see this.
DiamondMiner370 Time siden
19:04 napoleon's men with 10/1 K/D ratio
DaN1eL Angu1an0
DaN1eL Angu1an0 Time siden
Yo oversimplified can you make the Punic Wars Rome vs Carthage please!
AnixCo1990 2 timer siden
If only Czarist Russia truly allied itself with France, and helped Napoleon fight off the British empire. How different history would’ve been….
Gil Mompaz
Gil Mompaz 2 timer siden
Can u do the Mexican revolution?👉🏽👈🏽
Billy McGee
Billy McGee 3 timer siden
Dude took on the world and was kicking names and taking ass! What a legend
Pierson Christensen
Pierson Christensen 3 timer siden
This enraged the British, who punished Copenhagen severely.
1zPoke 3 timer siden
British: Are mad at France Denmark: And I took that personally
Jarred Serna
Jarred Serna 3 timer siden
Please do the War of the Roses
david drygas
david drygas 4 timer siden
Because tha 400 thousands 1 dollar at a time
Mustafaa Islam
Mustafaa Islam 4 timer siden
It’s Weeknd reference for me.
Jan Dave Marcelino
Jan Dave Marcelino 4 timer siden
He was feared that his enemies sealed his body on a multiple coffins. That's what you called Power.
Ken and rashid needs to be nerfed to the ground
I just noticed there is a bootleg version of u guys in another language
John Allegretti
John Allegretti 4 timer siden
Who agrees that the next video should be about the Roman Empire and Julius Ceaser
JoFlare 4 timer siden
14:27 my fav scene
gary .berrio
gary .berrio 4 timer siden
I want Vietnam!!!!
Jack Distefano
Jack Distefano 5 timer siden
Next should be Julius ceaser
elka 5 timer siden
punic wars to fall of constantinople
Isobel Fanaki
Isobel Fanaki 6 timer siden
I would be interested in seeing a Julius Caesar video
WereWolf Pack
WereWolf Pack 6 timer siden
Hey I saw oversimplified on a meme
Enkii Muto
Enkii Muto 6 timer siden
So Napoleon didn't lose russia because of the winter, he lost because he was ghosted. Tinder tactics
Wes Short
Wes Short 6 timer siden
Bob Rob
Bob Rob 7 timer siden
When Grant is above Lee in general list
??? 7 timer siden
7:52 henry what are you doing
Federico Gutierrez
Federico Gutierrez 7 timer siden
How About an Argentine War of Independence video?
Alex Gentilozzi
Alex Gentilozzi 7 timer siden
Oversimplified please do the Vietnam war
Sleepy Scroof
Sleepy Scroof 7 timer siden
I think Joe Biden with his light sabre could beat the best general
Captain Astromic
Captain Astromic 8 timer siden
Hey oversimplified I would love to see a video on the Franco Prussian war/ German unification video
Professor Napoleon
Professor Napoleon 8 timer siden
4:44 I Literally Just Can't Stop Laughing
HaarisAfridi30day 8 timer siden
Pls do a great depression
HaarisAfridi30day 8 timer siden
Pls do a great depression
HaarisAfridi30day 8 timer siden
The great depression
HaarisAfridi30day 8 timer siden
Pls do a the great depression
حقائق في دقائق
can you talk about the arabic history ? i think it's much epic than the roman history
Faye Alvarez
Faye Alvarez 9 timer siden
The scattered danger outstandingly spoil because gender tentatively encourage since a purple effect. exotic, unkempt algeria
mark moore
mark moore 9 timer siden
Do a oversimplified video of Julius Caesar
margaret kairu
margaret kairu 9 timer siden
make more videos.
Anonymus Person
Anonymus Person 9 timer siden
Hold on, If honey is free, how do they afford to sponsor Oversimplified?
Baba aller Babas
Baba aller Babas 10 timer siden
The bakery at 10:03 is called "Gluten Tag" which is a german pun.
Skelly. 10 timer siden
M Armyeater
M Armyeater 10 timer siden
29:31- Nope.
גלעד סוירזנסקי
Hey, since you've done a video about the prohibition era, maybe you can do a video about Bonnie and Clyde since they lived in that era. Their lives are very interesting
Daniel Brendemuehl
Daniel Brendemuehl 11 timer siden
I don't think there's any hope for Joe compared to Napoleon lol.
Geram 24
Geram 24 12 timer siden
Nice video and good job . I recommend you to do a video about Zulu Wars trust me it will be interesting
MoonlapseVertigo243 12 timer siden
Apparently Hitler didn't watch this video
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 12 timer siden
Talleyrand is only "slightly" treacherous?
Austin Keeping
Austin Keeping 12 timer siden
“Here, have a kids choice award!” I can’t! I just can’t with this guy 😂
BrickBuilding Compilations43635
Sorry, does anyone know what song's playing at 5:41?
Δημήτρης Παπανικολάου
You should make for mini wars 5 the balkan wars
Sumomud 13 timer siden
why dont you create a video about Yugoslavia wars?
yehoEM 13 timer siden
would you make a video about the holy lands? I think its history is really fascinating and I would really really really love it if you could make a video about it
Mauro Carrizales
Mauro Carrizales 13 timer siden
Why didn't Napoleon just blockade the Russians in the Baltic sea instead of invading?
FireIron TheSecond
FireIron TheSecond 12 timer siden
Because that would have started a war and Napoleon wouldn’t have had the element of surprise
Star Vids 1348
Star Vids 1348 13 timer siden
I say Oversimplified and Extra Credits should make a history compilation video, Oversimplified and Extra Credits work together.
Luca, Just Luca
Luca, Just Luca 13 timer siden
Ive studied the history of spain, and our royal family is and always will be a mess
lavadoge 13 timer siden
Oversimplified you should do desert storm
Squiky_A_Fortnite_Fish 14 timer siden
Maybe you should do a video about the spanis netherlands 80 years war (spaanse nederlandse 80 jarige oorlog) and yes i am dutch and a big fan bye
BEAST 2009
BEAST 2009 14 timer siden
You should do Mexico vs America
SerAlvPlyr 16 timer siden
Haha . This is the most interesting and hilarious History ever! Keep up the good work!!
Muhammad Arafat Irwandhy
Oversimplified Can you make Russian Civil War Video?
FireIron TheSecond
FireIron TheSecond 12 timer siden
He did. The last vid
Martin Briceño
Martin Briceño 16 timer siden
Oh boy how I enjoyed this couple of videos!! What a masterpieces!! ❤️ Love you man, Keep it up!!
N1KOKAY 17 timer siden
Can you make a video on the expansion of Rome?
Vamooosh 17 timer siden
Do a video on the crusades
IamLemonz 115
IamLemonz 115 17 timer siden
29:36 if joe Biden could dress himself in the morning I’d be impressed
I live İn Antalya
I live İn Antalya 18 timer siden
Damn man I love this guys
IamLemonz 115
IamLemonz 115 18 timer siden
Napoleon had big main character energy
Zane Yeet
Zane Yeet 18 timer siden
Hello oversimplified can you please also teach/show the Indian independence Your american revolution video helped me a alot in my studies so thanks a lot
TGDaniel 18 timer siden
@Oversimplified can you do a video about Africa history...you can do the war between the sokoto caliphate and the oyo empire
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 19 timer siden
Britain - Oh no what am i going to do? Copenhagen: exists still
BigNT1991 19 timer siden
Hey could you pls make a Video about German Unification Wars and this Bismarck guy? Greetings from Goethe's homeland
Bread studios
Bread studios 19 timer siden
Boredomboi 19 timer siden
Why do I want him to do something about the wars in the middle east
WK5471 Gaming
WK5471 Gaming 19 timer siden
This seems similar to WW2, here’s how France wanted to invade Britain, but their navy would dominate the French Napoleon invaded Russia and although occupied Moscow, had to fall back because of the cold
WK5471 Gaming
WK5471 Gaming 10 timer siden
@FireIron TheSecond the Napoleonic wars were probably the closet thing we had to a world war, also the American civil war could have had Britain, France and Spain intervene making that a world war as well
FireIron TheSecond
FireIron TheSecond 12 timer siden
The main difference is that it was a lot closer here, Napoleon did take Moscow (unlike the Nazis) and was beaten by the winter (it only hurt the Nazis it didn’t completely annihilated their force like Napoleon) and also Napoleon actually had a fleet (while the Nazis never could have threatened the Royal Navy). Other then that it was VERY similar
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 19 timer siden
The irritating porcupine marginally arrive because ton interestingly trot from a rampant crab. black-and-white, fragile captain
ZaPPs 19 timer siden
You know you have truly won when a group of powerful countries need thousands of men, 2 boats, and a isolated island to defeat you.
JC plays
JC plays 19 timer siden
You should try to do philippines has a great history
VIDEO-AUGUST 20 timer siden
It could be nice to see you make a video about The Roman Empire
Aayush Nara Magar
Aayush Nara Magar 20 timer siden
Now I know Eating an expired poison will not kill you. I was looking for copper and I found gold
Krep 21 time siden
Oversimplified how about making a video about Alexander the Great
Methira Fernando
Methira Fernando 21 time siden
Can you make a video about Genghis Khan?
LVBeethoven 21 time siden
can we get another 'stupid cold' moment? like Sweden v Russian Empire
Emperor Hirohito
Emperor Hirohito 21 time siden
Rule 1:never invade russia or they will schorch the earth
Detroid 21 time siden
I know in war Napoleon liked polish soldier's they been good in him
Abhinav Khajuria
Abhinav Khajuria 22 timer siden
Make a video on Alexander the Great please
Mark Chan
Mark Chan 22 timer siden
Mark Chan
Mark Chan 22 timer siden
Where is Damon Lee
llirrem gnow
llirrem gnow 22 timer siden
Where is Damon Lee
Justin Leung
Justin Leung 22 timer siden
Where is Damon Lee
Ringgo Siagian
Ringgo Siagian 22 timer siden
Please do The Crusade
lindsey williams
lindsey williams 22 timer siden
The irritating porcupine marginally arrive because ton interestingly trot from a rampant crab. black-and-white, fragile captain
John Rhic Tudtud
John Rhic Tudtud 22 timer siden
Remember what Captain Jack Sparrow said? Captain Sparrow: We must fight! To run away~ Turns out, the strategy works here!
Cakebear 95
Cakebear 95 22 timer siden
I like to see Oversimplified cover the British Invasion of the 1960s or the history of the Beatles, it would be a nice change of pace if he would cover cultural history, instead of the usual political-military history he covers.
Akash Patel
Akash Patel 23 timer siden
can you do the Korean War PLS PLS PLS *more pls*
behrad montazer
behrad montazer 23 timer siden
Felix joy
Felix joy 23 timer siden
Napoleon really has balls of vibranium
Neelam LIJHARA 23 timer siden
Now do oversimplified Vietnam war
Kadin Allan
Kadin Allan Dag siden
Vietnam War?
Moris Metzler
Moris Metzler Dag siden
AdryanXミク Dag siden
Some may say he lost but it took almost all of Europe to get rid of him so he took the dub at the end in my book
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